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Recycling the Past with Hemp

Recycling the Past - The Reality of Hemp

Most would agree that plastics derived from hydrocarbons must be replaced with more sustainable products and hemp is a proven alternative.

Big Chief Hemp is looking at the options, hemp-based solutions to our packaging, especially for drinking fluid containers, and intend to investigate using hemp products as a replacement to plastic straws and other consumable products that are currently made with non-sustainable methodologies.

Hemp is Mother Natures gift and possesses’ qualities as a natural food supplement, CBD oil has so much to offer, increasing your therapeutic potential, a natural way to support healthy living.

This gentle product is non-psychoactive, and its cultivation has minimal impact on the environment.

One of the Worlds oldest known crop is making a come back!

This incredible plant can provide us with so much, often as a replacement to environmentally harmful products –

Industrial products (paper and rope), textiles (bags and clothing), foodstuffs (milk, cold-pressed oil and tea) and herbal remedies (tinctures creams, balms, and other topicals).

Also, industrial hemp is used for insulation, biofuels, in car manufacturing and carpet production.

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