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The Rise of CBD in the UK

Embracing Natural Potential

Over the last few years, the health and wellness sector has seen a surge in interest regarding alternative and natural remedies. One such product, cannabidiol (CBD), has become particularly popular. CBD has been embraced in the UK for its myriad of potential health benefits. Let’s dive deeper into this phenomenon.

The Rise of CBD in the UK

The story of CBD in the UK is one of acceptance and curiosity. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has been subjected to numerous studies and research projects worldwide. Its growing popularity can be attributed to people’s interest in exploring holistic methods of self-care and well-being.

Potential Health Benefits

There’s a reason why so many individuals in the UK are turning to CBD. Here are some of the potential benefits associated with its use:

  1. Pain Management: Many users report relief from chronic pain after consistent use of CBD products.
  2. Reduced Anxiety: Studies have shown potential in CBD’s ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  3. Improved Sleep: Insomnia sufferers might find relief with CBD, as it has been studied for its potential effects on sleep cycles.
  4. Neuroprotective Properties: Preliminary research suggests that CBD might play a major role in managing conditions like epilepsy.

It’s essential to understand that while there’s promising anecdotal evidence and early scientific studies, more comprehensive research is needed. 

Quality Matters

With the rising demand for CBD products in the UK, ensuring that you’re investing in high-quality products is paramount.

At Big Chief Hemp, we take pride in using Swiss CBD, known for its exceptional purity and quality standards.

Switzerland has a strong reputation for its meticulous agricultural practices, ensuring that the CBD derived is of the highest calibre.

In addition to sourcing the best ingredients, we provide third-party lab test results and prioritise transparency in our sourcing and production processes.

When you choose Big Chief Hemp, you’re choosing a brand that stands for high values and trust.

Part of a Growing Wellness Movement

CBD’s acceptance in the UK is part of a broader movement that sees individuals taking a more proactive role in their health and wellness.

People are looking for natural alternatives and solutions that align with a holistic approach to well-being.


As CBD continues to gain traction in the UK, it’s clear that many are intrigued by its potential health benefits.

While research is ongoing, the preliminary findings combined with anecdotal reports make a compelling case for its popularity.

If you’re considering integrating CBD into your routine, remember to do your due diligence and consult with professionals.

Embrace the journey of discovery and wellness.

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How CBD works

CBD Pipet

How does CBD work?

To discover How CBD works, we meet Professor Mechoulam.

It was found to have benefits; by Raphael Mechoulam.  An Organic Chemist and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Jerusalem in 1963;

Interestingly, all Mammals have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system of Neurotransmitters.  It’s a network of cell signalling that attaches to cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system.  This includes the brain and the immune system.  That is to say, a network of correcting messages is sent and received. Thus, making sure our bodies are working in balance.

Endocannabinoids ~ Naturally occurring Receptors present in every Mammal

CB1 and CB2 are the primary cannabinoid receptors we have identified.  These Receptors work in almost every area of mammals.  Further Studies by Dr Mechoulam and US researchers have realised an entire ECS system.  It works in harmony with the Hemp plant, truly a nature’s gift.

ECS is the master controller

The ECS is the master controller in your body it works with your immune system.  It regulates your body temperature and CBD can mimic serotonin correcting any deficiency and levelling your mood.  Furthermore, your ECS regulates your sleep and misdirects your pain.

The list goes on, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and improves motor skills.  Most importantly can block certain cancer cell growth.

A recent study has concluded CBD inhibits the infection of COVID19 in Mice and it has merited further medical studies. Exciting times!

Brain synapsis

Cannabinoid receptors are the most abundant

Cannabinoid receptors are the most abundant receptors in the brain

If you are out of sorts, CBD works with your ECS system.  Like turning on light switches, CBD flicks on the neuroreceptors in your nervous system, including your brain.

Extracted Phytocannabinoids from Plants are a Supplement for deficient Endocannabinoids in your body.

Our ECS system sends out regulating signals throughout your body, therefore re-balancing our Homeostasis.  Illness can thrive if the body fails to produce sufficient endocannabinoids.

Taking CBD plant extract can aid your body and mind to stay healthy.

Hemp was consumed by humans and livestock for thousands of years.   It was a common feature in our diet and the materials around us; such as cloth and rope.

Only recently we have stopped using hemp

It has been a supplement to humans for centuries.  Only in the 1950s and 1970, did this change and cannabis oil ceased to be a medicine and in our food. We have been missing hemp from our foods and medicine cabinets.

We are so proud to bring traditional remedies back to your shelves.

how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety?

One of the most common questions we receive is: how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety?  The answer is, not long.  It can take anything from two to four weeks.  Remember to always begin with a low dose.  Too much too soon can have the opposite effect.

So in answer to the question, how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety, the answer is only a matter of weeks.

Our Conclusion

PhytoCannaindoids from plants are Natural Supplements for EndoCannabinoids that are naturally occurring in your body.

Our bodies benefit from CBD supplements.

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Cannabis Decriminalisation UK

Police man on bended knee next to Mandy discussing cannabis

Is it time to decriminalise cannabis

Big Chief on the Campaign for Cannabis Decriminalisation in the UK, for a Better Future!

We’ve been busy; we’ve been wheeling up and down the country talking to different groups and sitting outside of New Scotland Yard and The Home Office, at a ‘Campaign Rally’; because we believe in the rights of the Hemp Plant.

Our founder, Mandy Tusz had a meeting with Michael Gove; to discuss the British Hemp Alliance’ Hemp Manifesto’, and all things Hemp.  Michael Gove is a British politician and Minister for the Cabinet Office. Michael has been the Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath of which, Mandy is a constituent.  Big Chief Hemp resides in the same constituency, and so our questions were two-fold. Personal and Business.

PROJECT twenty 21

Proudly, Mandy is a participant in Project Twenty21, a Cannabis study, run by Professor David Nutt.

Project Twenty21 is the most extensive study in Europe to gain the research required to prove the efficacy of Medical Cannabis. So this study aims to give confidence to policymakers and GPs alike and alleviate myths and misconceptions.

Seed our future

Mandy has also had the pleasure of contributing, in a small way, to the Open Letter by Seed Our Future ‘No Evidence, No Crime’.

The Document is an open demand to the Government and Police Agencies to decriminalise Cannabis in all; its forms.  Seed our Future’s paper challenges the very Laws that see Cannabis included in the Schedule one Misuse of Drugs Act.  Ultimately, So we can be free of the fear of conviction

Where did this all begin

Our founder’s journey in creating the company began in early 2018. While looking for an alternative to pain relief stumbled across Cannabis paste. At the time, the paste was not strictly legal in the UK.

Mandy is physically disabled with a fracture in her lower spine. As chronic pain is part of her life, Cannabis has been an enormous relief to her. So she could not accept the reasons for the laws and took a delve deeper into the issues surrounding Cannabis and the laws that govern it.

It began with becoming a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, attending their 2nd ever Conference, in Solihull. Guy Cox was a founder member.

the cta

Mandy and the team watched Guy Coxall deliver a speech on the reasons compliance within the new CBD industry was so vital; for the success of the sector.  Later, the group attended a talk by Guy discussing his organisation Hemp Tank.

guy coxall

Inspired by Guy’s onstage talks and armed with the new information about his mission, Mandy went home to see what she could do.

Mandy tells me “Guy wants to change the current legislation surrounding the Cannabis plant and educated me on the reasons Cannabis was illegal; it blew me away!”.  She began researching and writing articles for her website but was contacted by her local Trading Standards Office and asked to moderate the wording and remove any mention of Medical Benefits.  Her articles continually being stripped of valuable information and slimmed down to a nonsensical blurb with mere suggestions of ‘wellness’.

the frustration

Mandy found this frustrating; Many studies have already been completed, and we are behind in the UK.  It seems arrogant of our various Councils not to accept reviews and studies from other well-learned Countries.

Besides, Cannabis as a medicine does not fit within the current medical arena; as such, it ought not to be measured in the same way.

We need to create new categories and move with our newfound knowledge of the plant.

the ultimate question

‘WHY IS CANNABIS ILLEGAL?” Cannabis has been used by human beings, livestock and textiles for thousands of years. It is only in the last 70 years it’s become the villain in a sordid play.  Up until 1973, Full Cannabis tinctures were available in UK pharmacies.

It was another two years before Mandy crossed paths with Guy once more.

A group called Seed Our Future was holding a rally. Up and down the Country in various home towns and cities, performing ‘Civil Disobedience’ and planting a Hemp Seed to legalise cannabis campaign. 

The Planting of a Hemp Seed requires a Home Office Licence. The Police were in situ at most of the Venues, but it was a peaceful day all around.


Mandy attended the London rally, outside New Scotland yard.

She reports it was a great day, She rocked up on her Wheels with her partner, and they met lots of like-minded people. She had no idea at the time this event had been organised by Guy Coxall and his team of warriors.

Mandy managed to educate one Police Officer and was very pleased with herself.

Police man on bended knee next to Mandy discussing cannabis

At the event, Mandy met the British Hemp Alliance and Beyond Green. It was one of those, ‘Meant to Be’ moments.

Sam Cannon from Be: yond Green filmed Mandy for a Cannabis documentary.  Mandy was idly chatting about contacting her local MP, Michael Gove. The next thing, Mandy had arranged a meeting and Beyond Green came along to offer support.

During the meeting, Mandy e-mailed the British Hemp Alliance; ‘Hemp Manifesto’

She was supporting the Hemp Industry, in particular Farming.

We are working hard on Cannabis Decriminalisation for the UK

meeting mr gove

Her conversation with Mr Gove lasted 12 minutes;

“We had a 10-minute slot, and we were well prepared, it went better than expected. Michael was optimistic, he seemed very enthusiastic and seemed to be unaware Hemp is such a fabulous Carbon Sequencer.

He says he will discuss it with the Home Office; Priti Patel and the Health Minister; Matt Hancock.

Mr Gove’s going to get back to us; I’m feeling good about it, Mr Gove is a very nice man, this is not my first encounter with him.”


Mandy has set up a CBD company as full cannabis companies are not yet legal and ultimately wants to be a Cannabis Farmer, and grow Full Plant extracts from Cannabis.

The two main questions:

  • Why is a none psychoactive plant in the Home Office under licence?.
  • Why do we have to destroy the flower and leaves on-site?

BusinessCann Magazine Covered our Story

legalise cannabis campaign

After the call, Mandy was feeling encouraged but lonely in this quest and unsure of what she could do next.  Mandy had joined the group Seed Our Future after the rally and wanted to do anything she could to help, in any way possible.  She contacted Guy Coxall to explain what she’d been up to and asked for some advice.

They met up, and it was a successful meeting of minds; Mandy told me

“Because He is a Legend in our world. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Guy and his wife Helen they are inspirational.  With purely good intentions, It’s refreshing to meet a ‘legend’ and not be disappointed.”.

So Guy was at the end of writing “possibly the biggest paper” of his life, together with fellow ‘lifetime activists’ Trev Coleman and Steven Harrison.

With contributions from Alun Buffry, Phil Monk and Victoria Lenormand, all working hard on the legalise cannabis campaign.


mandy says

Because Our Cannabis Laws appear to be Unenforceable.

Seed Our Future has requested five pieces of Foundation Evidence to support the Laws against, Possession, Use and Cultivation of Cannabis.  Our Freedom of Information request results were no surprise to Guy Coxall; it was confirmation of what he already knew:

The CPS, Police Crime Commissioners and the Police Force are not able to provide the Foundation Evidence that has Cannabis included in Schedule 1 of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK.

Sativa Cannabis is less harmful than sugar

His Conclusion

Cannabis should never have been included on the prohibited list. Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK

In the Absence of Evidence, The Law cannot be enforced

No Evidence. No crime.


Quamvis lex generaliter loquitur restringenda tamen est, ut cessante ratione et ipsa cessat.

“Though the law speaks generally, it must be limited as, where the reason ceases to apply, the law itself ceases”

Its a crime

Arresting a UK citizen for Cannabis would be tantamount to a Crime, because, The PACE code which governs the Police and the Terrorism Act requires each officer to be aware of the laws which they enforce. The lack of evidence suggests they are assuming the Law; this goes against their due diligence requirements.

As we have proof of the Personal, medical & Environmental Benefits of using Cannabis it should not be a schedule 2.

Cannabis cannot induce a lethal response because of drug-related toxicity. To cause death, a Cannabis in smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much cannabis contained in one cannabis cigarette. In this scenario, the likelihood is; dying of smoke inhalation first.


There is proof that our Prohibition Law was and remains today, Politically motivated.  Why is Cannabis illegal? I would recommend the website for more information.  Recommend Joining Seed Our Future on Facebook or their website, if this is of interest to you. It’s a private group, where you may speak freely about the joys of the plant Cannabis.    

A personal note from Guy Coxall

With special thanks to the ‘Seed Our Future’ supporters, the entire ‘cannabis community,’ including but not limited to, every cannabis/hemp activist who has tirelessly fought for our rights, freedoms and future for decades, and those who have been involved in all cannabis/hemp research, industry and promotion and finally to those in positions of power who push for changes in cannabis legislation.

seed our future logo

seed our future

The Document went live on 16th October 2020. No Victim no crime paper

It is an Open Demand to The Government and Police Service:

From the paper

The people demand immediate reform to bring an end to these crimes against humanity and the environment.  We do not want a move in classification or licencing; we don’t want ‘legalisation’ which supports corporate interests,  we demand that Cannabis be immediately and completely removed from all drug scheduling and licencing,

The people want to regain

That the people regain their right to cultivate and consume Cannabis for personal use, that the ECS is added to all Biology curricula,  Especially within medical training and that Medical Practitioners are allowed to prescribe Cannabis-based medicinal products, not as a last resort but as they see fit.

Finally, we ask that any cannabis products which are marketed for sale, be regulated as specified in section 5.4.


We would also like to recommend that the Government seriously consider investing in the infrastructure for a thriving ‘green industrial revolution’ in utilising the many industrial uses of Cannabis.

what does it mean

“my contribution was small, but it meant the world just be involved, An honour. Most of my work was Freedom of Information requests”.

This was a life-times work of three men in particular, and their whole group Seed The Future joined in and supported them.

“watching this group and this campaign has been fab! The Paper they have created is a Real Game Changer”

Seed Our Future aims to challenge the laws surrounding Cannabis. To bring to light how politically motivated the laws are.  Because it has nothing to do with harm.

Our conclusion

For the Full Document.

Is it time to decriminalise cannabis? Yes! This amazing plant has so much to give.

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Cannabis Prescription UK

Cannabis Oils

Medical Cannabis in the UK

The Journey Towards Acceptance – Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in November 2018, a pivotal moment for countless individuals in need. Yet, it’s still largely underutilised. Why? Let’s delve deeper.

A Brief History of Medical Cannabis in the UK

Since its legalisation in 2018, the NHS has issued fewer than 5 prescriptions.

Project Twenty21 emerged from a governmental call for scientific evidence.

Although countries like Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, and the Czech Republic have advanced significantly in cannabis research, the UK has been somewhat lagging.

Did youknow?

Drug Science, founded by Professor David Nutt in 2010, aims to present the most comprehensive study on medical cannabis benefits in Europe under Project Twenty21.

This isn’t a clinical trial – it’s a registry. Participants cover some costs, but the insights might reshape the UK’s stance on cannabis.

The Cost of Medical Cannabis

It’s undeniable that private cannabis prescriptions come at a cost, and unfortunately, it’s not pocket-friendly for everyone.

Though prices are slightly above street value, the benefits of legal, safe, and medically supervised treatment could be life changing.

A significant goal of Project Twenty21 is to gather evidence supporting NHS funding for medical cannabis, where benefits outweigh potential risks.

The Changing Face of Cannabis Acceptance

David Nutt, once Chair of the Misuse of Drugs Advisory Council, made headlines with his views comparing the dangers of ecstasy and LSD to alcohol.

Although his candidness led to his removal, it highlighted the need for change. Today, activists, scientists, and doctors unite to change perceptions about cannabis.

The powerful effects of cannabis treatments for conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD are hard to ignore, yet accessibility remains a hurdle for many.

Did you know? The UK was the world’s largest supplier of medical cannabis.

Yet, Brexit and COVID-19 trade issues have added challenges for patients relying on imports.

Personal Experiences A Glimpse into Medical Cannabis Treatment

Through Project Twenty21, eligible patients can get supervised access to medical cannabis treatments. One such patient shared their transformative journey, from being prescribed various treatments to finding solace in cannabis. Costs might be high, but as the patient says, “the outcome is priceless.”

From oils to flowers, patients have a range of treatment options. Dosages vary by individual, but the key lies in consistency. Regular check-ins with consultants ensure treatments are effective and safe.

Spotlight: Prof. Mike Barnes, Medical Director of The Medical Cannabis Clinics, and campaigner for cannabis-based therapies, played an instrumental role in securing a prescription for Alfie Dingley, a child with a rare form of epilepsy.

His treatments drastically reduced seizures, offering a new lease on life.

The Future of Medical Cannabis in the UK

Medical cannabis has proven transformative for many. It’s a natural, versatile treatment that deserves a place in the UK’s healthcare landscape.

With ongoing research, awareness campaigns, and positive patient testimonials, the UK stands on the brink of a medical cannabis renaissance. The hope?

That more individuals can safely access and benefit from this remarkable plant.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the natural potential of cannabis.  Join the movement, support research, and help bring change to the UK’s cannabis landscape. With consistent efforts and the backing of science, a brighter, greener future awaits


Medical Cannabis in the UK: The Journey Towards Acceptance


Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in November 2018, a pivotal moment for countless individuals in need.

Yet, it’s still largely underutilised. Why? Let’s delve deeper.

Project Twenty 21 Medical Cannabis Clinic

The Medical Cannabis clinic

The Medical Cannabis Clinics

Project Twenty21 was born out of a need to satisfy the Governments’ request for UK scientific proof.  The study is Europe-wide and will demonstrate the efficacy of Cannabis in humans.  It is only natural that we look to science for evidence of the plant’s benefits.

Project Twenty 21 Medical Cannabis Clinic

There is an extensive set of data from fellow Countries like Canada, The Netherlands, Israel and the Czech Republic. These Countries are considered The Giants in Cannabis Growth and Research.  More and more research results are published daily; it is an exciting time for this humble but mighty plant.  And the UK is now collating its evidence; Drug Science was founded in 2010 by Professor David Nutt.

Drug Science brings together leading drug experts, to carry out ground-breaking research into drug effects.  The group Drug Science aims to put together the most extensive study in Europe’s Project Twenty21′.

It is important to note; There is no placebo involved in this study therefore it’s a Registry and not a Clinical Trial.   And it’s not free so the patient bears some of the Cannabis Prescription cost in the UK

The study will provide a much-needed service of Private Medical Cannabis Prescriptions in the UK. Of course, limited to those who can afford the prescriptions, we will discuss the Cannabis prescription costs in the UK later in this article.

Costs of Medical Cannabis Prescription in the UK are slightly more expensive than the street prices, once you factor in the consultant fees and prescription costs.  But it does all depend on how much you need.

are you ELIGIBLE

With Project Twenty21, eligible patients can access a medical cannabis treatment monitored by Drug Science. The organisers of the project aim to enrol 20,000 patients by 2021. The study will create the largest body of evidence, all for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical Cannabis.  Because Drug Science hopes the outcome of Project Twenty21 will provide proof for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal Cannabis will prove to outweigh the potential risks.

who is professor david nutt

David Nutt was the Chair of the Misuse of Drugs Advisory Council. Famously, David announced ‘ecstasy and LSD were less dangerous than alcohol’.   This was during a lecture at King’s College London. The lecture was on drug risk and classification.

Unfortunately, The honest answer was not desirable and so was swiftly followed by Professor Nutt’s removal from the Panel.   Almost ten years later not much changed when Prof Alex Stevens, resigned from the Advisory Council (ACMD), due to inappropriate Political interventions.

The UK is currently challenging the Government and the laws surrounding Cannabis.

Activists, Scientists and Doctors have come together to change the way we see this plant and its many benefits.  They have been discussing the plant with Members of Parliament and GPs to encourage a change in how we see Cannabis.

its life changing

The Cannabis Oils and Flowers treatment can be life-changing, yet patients in the UK are unable to access or afford it as there are too many barriers.   Because there is still a lot of social stigma and fear attached to this beautiful natural treatment.

Families of children who have epilepsy are desperate for NHS funding for Cannabis treatments, which have proved very effective.  And patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Tourette’s Syndrome and Substance Use Disorder or PTSD – could benefit from Cannabis via our health system.  But currently, they are finding it challenging to gain assistance from our National Health Care System

Patients 1.4 Million

It is estimated up to 1.4 million patients are left with no alternative but to turn to illegal means of gaining Cannabis—Criminalising and putting themselves in harm’s way.

Families are deprived of NHS assistance and have grown desperate. They are trying to fund their prescriptions privately.

Without prescriptions

The costs for UK Cannabis Prescription can be enormous, some being more than a monthly mortgage price.

Because many of the treatments are imported from other European Countries.

the uk is one of the largest CANNABIS EXPORTERS

This is incredibly frustrating as the UK is one of the largest suppliers of Medical Cannabis; in the world. (The UK was the largest supplier until this year).

These families now face a new problem in Brexit with the absence of a Deal combined with COVID, further issues with trade have arisen.  Because the flow of Medical Cannabis is about to grind to a halt.

Added stress

The stress increases further and a painful inability to gain access to their treatments is devastating.  Life-Threatening in some cases.

prescription CANNABIS uk

Project Twenty21 cannabis study is crucial for the UK to move forward and to realise this plant’s potential and in turn, change UK laws surrounding the plant.  This plant requires renewed respect, and it will see a renaissance in the UK. As a nation, we need to grow it freely, without the shackles of licences and post-production laws that are starved of logic.  Get Medical Cannabis with Project Twenty21.

We require access to the treatment on a large scale, and every day the need is growing more urgent.

Prof. Barnes is a campaigner for changes in attitude to cannabis-based therapies. He worked with Hannah Deacon in gaining one of the first Prescriptions for Hannah’s son Alfie Dingley.   When Alfie was Seven, he was granted a special licence to use Cannabis oil and is now living a “pretty normal life”, in Hannah’s words.

Alfie has a rare form of epilepsy and was enduring up to 150 seizures every month. Those seizures have stopped, and Alfie is a happy smiling boy.

End Our Pain

Professor Barnes and Hannah now work together on the campaign, and both are standing up for other patients’ rights, patients in need of these treatments. The campaign is ‘End Our Pain’.

hemp flowers in jars

i am a participant

I am one of the Project Twenty21 Participants and have a Cannabis Prescription.

Proud to be a part of this study, as a CannaActivist myself. I’m very keen to have the UK Laws changed, to move with the times, so everyone can enjoy the freedom cannabis gives. The scope of benefits is much broader than described above, but the study has to have a set of parameters.

The Medical Cannabis Clinic London

My cannabis prescription UK is via The Medical Cannabis Clinics, created by Medical Director, Professor Mike Barnes.

The initial step was to ensure I was eligible for treatment.

 To be a patient and part of the study, you must have one of the following conditions, recorded by your GP:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • PTSD

criteria for a prescription

The second criterion, you must have tried at least two prescribed treatments that have not worked.  If you satisfy the above, you can access the website and Choose a Clinic. You can call (make sure when you phone you confirm you require Project Twenty21) or access an online booking system and make yourself an appointment for a consultation with a Consultant.

I meet the criteria as I endure Chronic Pain due to an old fracture that will not heal. I’ve tried many combinations of medications and treatments; none have been successful and only exacerbate my complaints. My GP is fully aware, and I also have a pain specialist I see every four months.

The process was fascinating and odd at the same time, making an appointment to gain Cannabis on a prescription. It was a day I thought would never come; it gave me butterflies

There are different Consultants to choose from, depending on your medical requirements.

my GP helped

Cannabis prescription costs in the UK are in the middle so not cheap but not too expensive.  The initial appointment was £150. I went ahead and booked my first consultation with the Pain Specialist and created an online account with the Medical Cannabis Clinic at the same time.  So it was all straightforward stuff, a pleasantly easy process. 

Then came a quick courtesy phone call from the Clinic before our appointment. My Consultant just had a couple of questions to check and ensure this was the correct avenue for me.  Getting the appointment is no guarantee of a prescription; as initially, your Consultant will weigh up your suitability and discuss it with your GP.

All being well, an e-mail arrived with a consent form. I was giving my permission for the Consultant to access my medical records.

Two weeks later

I had an online meeting with my lovely Consultant.   The appointment lasted roughly 30 minutes.

During the call, it was agreed Cannabis is the way forward for me.  We went through my medical history and complaints and discussed the various treatment options.

My GP has not contacted me about this process; instead has agreed on my suitability. Previously, My GP had not been altogether enthusiastic about Cannabis Therapies, but it would appear this is no longer the case, and I applaud his open-mindedness.

Cannabis Prescription flowers

cannabis prescription cost uk

Each prescription costs £150; Initially, I had two prescriptions, with 30ml of 12:25 Oil & 30g of Flower each month.

The cost for a repeat prescription is £30.

 Follow-up appointments are £65 (every three months).

*These prices are from 2021 and may have changed.

It appears expensive, but for me the outcome is priceless.

The treatments were available to me at the time.


 30ml bottle 100% CBD Oil

 30ml bottle 12:25 Oil – 12mg/ml THC & 25mg/ml CBD

30ml bottle 25:25 Oil – 25mg/ml THC & 25mg/ml CBD


 Khiron – Indica with 18-22% Thc

The flower terpene profile is Carophyllene oxide 0.96% Humulene 0.66% Carophyllene 0.61% Alpha-pinene 0.26%.

I’ve tried the whole menu.  My bottle holds 750 drops of an MCT carrier oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride).

The cannabis treatments are a mix of CBDs and THCs, so the psychoactive elements and their healing properties are present.  Of the above list, I’ve tried everything on the menu aside from the 100% CBD  (as CBD is my business, I’m lucky to be aware of its benefits).

my prescription

My Prescriptions allow for both Flower and Oil. Initially, when this journey began for me, the Flower was not available, I was added to a waiting list and started straight away with 12:25 Oil.  Within a few days, I received a call from the Green Pharmacy.

All systems go

We discussed and confirmed my prescription and address. All systems go, I made an over-the-phone payment.  Transaction complete, the wait began for my Cannabis to be delivered through the post.  And the day arrived, a black padded envelope was handed over, and my new, improved life began.

how to consume cannabis

My suggestion is to forget everything you think you know and follow the Consultants instructions. I got ahead of myself and took too much too soon.

Begin slowly

 0.1ml to start twice a day for one week, then increase to three times per day. In the third week, I raised this to .02ml three times per day. The fourth week arrived at my target of .03 three times per day (I only use more when required).

After the first bottle, which lasted for over six weeks, I switched to the larger dose of 25:25mg/ml.

Problems with cannabis flower prescription

my Flower arrived. But not the Khiron that we had discussed. Due to logistical issues, the Khiron was unavailable.   A different strain of Flower was provided in its stead, and it came from Israel.  It looks initially like a box for a pair of tights. Inside is a foil bag; each bag contains 30gms of buds.   The new Flower was more of a mix of Sativa than a pure Indica, around the same THC level.

We discussed and confirmed my prescription and address. All systems go, I made an over-the-phone payment.  Transaction complete, the wait began for my Cannabis to be delivered through the post.  And the day arrived, a black padded envelope was handed over, and my new, improved life began.

how long does it last

I use the Oil with a measured pipet under the tongue and hold it for as long as I can, usually around two minutes.   A 30ml bottle of Oil will last me for one month, thereabouts (once up to the correct dosage).

Cannabis flowers

Vape daily, as and when I need it or use an old-fashioned bubbly.  I’ve had the Flower for around six weeks now and still have a couple of weeks remaining. It is too early for me to see a pattern emerge yet.


I can only sing the praises of this therapy, it has been life-changing for me.

Cannabis has assisted my painful spine, knees, arthritis, anxiety and pre-menopausal issues. Just Wow!

Unmolested Extract

The full natural plant extract is the way forward. No synthetics are required here. The plant is perfect just as it is.  The Oil’s are excellent.  As I’m enjoying a tad more physical freedom; part of My disability has been downgraded from Enhanced to Standard. My head is in a great place, and my body is very grateful.

pain relief

It’s an odd thing; one moment I’m in terrible pain, and my partner grabs my oils and gives me a few drops or an added big vape.  So the next, I’m being asked how I feel and for a split second am confused by the question.   You seem to forget about the pain; it just melts away oh so quietly, delightful!

Routine is the best

with Cannabis Therapy if I forget a dose, I know about it. Consistency seems to be the key here.  Historically, I would struggle with the side effects of taking my old medications. Sour stomach or feeling nauseous was the common theme; but Not any more.

How much CBD to take?

it’s a joy to behold. Everyone is different, so we are in charge of our dosage. It is very much up to the individual to establish.  And my next job is to report back to the Consultant.  Every three months, we report back to our specialists. Information is vital for the study.

My prescription is via The Medical Cannabis Clinics, created by Medical Director, Professor Mike Barnes.

*This, of course, is only my personal experience, I cannot speak for anyone else. I am not making medical claims as Cannabis is personal and everyone has a different experience.

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History of hemp

History book and magnifying glass

The grand History of hemp

Discovering the history of hemp, we travel far and wide to find its origins.

A journey from the East to the West. Many ancient manuscripts are written on Hemp paper, and archaeological discoveries show Hemp was used in ancient daily life.

Hemp goes back 10,000 years we journey to the cradles of civilisation ‘Ancient China’ and ‘Mesopotamia’.

where was Mesopotamia

Today, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Kuwait make up Mesopotamia, it was an ancient region in Asia.

This region’s many inventions remain crucial to our lives. For example the concept of time, Writing, The wheel, sailboats and maps.

Hemp played a vital part; grown and used for materials; cloth, fishnets, rope, paper and for the plant’s therapeutic properties.


How far back does it go?

When the ‘Shekel’ was the first introduced to Mesopotamia as a currency, back in 3000BC.

Chinese historical records demonstrate that ancient civilizations used Hemp Oil for its therapeutic benefits.

Hemp rope is found in Italy’s homelands of the Romans.

Continue North

Continue North to Sweden and see Vikings using Hemp for rope and sails.

In Mesopotamia as a currency, back in 3000BC Chinese historical records show the ancient civilization using Hemp Oil for its therapeutic benefits.  They used it to create paper since 740AD; Hemp is used for paper, Teabags, writing paper, toilet paper, and rope. Not surprisingly, In 907AD China was the leading bookmaker.

Between 800AD and 1000AD

Throughout the 1000AD paper created with Hemp moved onto Korea with a Monk, most importantly along the Silk Road and then onto Japan, Tibet and India.

After that, Hemp rope is found in Italy’s homelands by the Romans. Consequently, it moved North to Sweden and then we see Vikings using Hemp for rope and sails

We move to Spain next, to the year 1150AD

Spain created the first paper industry in Europe, reaching the UK by the 12th Century. IN 1215 the Magna Carta was drafted on Hemp paper.

Right through to 1453 AD Byzantines; The East Roman Empire used Cannabis flowers for their therapeutic properties – Therefore, we can see CBD is nothing new, it just has a fancy new name.

Roman baths

In 1533 King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII made it compulsory

by Royal Order for Farmers to dedicate a quarter of an acre of land to Hemp (or Flax for every 60 acres)

Most Bibles of this time were printed on hemp paper, the famous Gutenberg Bible was written on Hemp paper

In 1563 Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth ordered all farmers and landowners to grow Cannabis.  Consequently, anyone caught not adhering to this law would have to pay a £5 penalty, to add some perspective, that’s around £1500 in today’s money.

Elizabeth insisted hemp was cultivated to build up her Navy and for her household.

There is a rumour Queen Elizabeth 1st also used the flowers to ease her pains, once a month.

1600s the early days of America

Hemp was a vital material for this newly developed nation, and the Founding Fathers insisted Farmers grow this fantastic crop.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington flew the flag for the Hemp industry and assisted in its hearty creation in the early days of the US. 

The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were also written on Hemp paper, the final copy was, however, written on animal skins.

So valuable was the Hemp crop it was used as legal tender, it became Mandatory to grow this product and as consequence, the American colonies grew.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the plant became a part of American Law. But what blew me away was; It was illegal NOT to grow Hemp in some colonies.

Such is this valuable plant. Its assets were necessary to grow a developing nation.

Its properties are abundant, and so versatile, that we made ropes, sails, clothes, food, paper, and oils (that is just a snippet)

17th and 18th centuries

Queen Elizabeth ordered all farmers and landowners to grow Cannabis.  Consequently, anyone caught not adhering to this law would have to pay a £5 penalty, to add some perspective, that’s around £1500 in today’s money.

Elizabeth insisted hemp was cultivated to build up her Navy and for her household.

There is a rumour Queen Elizabeth 1st also used the flowers to ease her pains, once a month.

USA Four Fathers

By the By the 1700s

Hemp paper was used to make all the following books;

  •   King James Bible
  •     Works of Alexander Dumas
  •     Mark Twain
  •     Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland 1865

18th Century Hemp War

During the 18th Century, Russia was the largest producer of Hemp producing around 75% of Europe’s Hemp.

Britain became so reliant on Russia for its Hemp Napoleon started ‘The Hemp War’ signing a treaty with Russia in 1807.


The Tilsit Peace Treaty, one of the conditions being, that Russia would no longer supply Great Britain with much-needed Hemp.  Napoleon’s attempt to weaken the British Navy. 

Just a few short years later, Russia resumed trade with Great Britain, the beginning of the end for Napoleon.

In 1865

In 1865, the beginning of the end in Europe

We began to use the Wood pulp.  As a result, hemp is phased out by the end of the 1900s. unfortunately, most printers in the Western world were using wood pulp.

history of hemp prohibition

Finally, in 1979 hemp was banned and labelled as a controlled substance.

It would appear hemp was banned by the Americans for corporate interests, namely a threat to the Oil and Fibre industries.

hemp cloth

Hemp fibre

Hemp fibre was relied upon as much as wood is to us today.

Hemp is frequently used as a medicine and for cloth, now that’s versatile!

So given all of the above

This plant giving so much proved itself a valuable asset through the ages. We are looking for an alternative to wood; this is a no-brainer.  It seems we tried to reinvent the wheel, and our depleted rainforests show we’ve made an error so let us reverse it!

This incredible plant can provide us with so much.

So given all of the above

This plant giving so much proved itself a valuable asset through the ages. We are looking for an alternative to wood; this is a no-brainer.  It seems we tried to reinvent the wheel, and our depleted rainforests show we’ve made an error so let us reverse it!

This incredible plant can provide us with so much.

It’s often as a replacement for environmentally harmful products – industrial products (paper and rope), textiles (bags and clothing), foodstuffs (milk, cold-pressed oil and tea) and herbal remedies (tinctures creams, balms, and other topicals).

Industrial Hemp is also cultivated for insulation, biofuels, car manufacturing, fabric and carpet production.

Biodiesel is created from Hemp Seeds and Stalks called ‘Hempoline’; You can produce alcohol by fermenting the whole plant.

There is a form of hemp oil that can power a diesel engine.

It transpires the first diesel engines were designed to run on hemp oil.

heard of Hempcrete

Have you heard of Hempcrete? It’s a thing! You can use Hemp materials to build a home; it truly never ends.

Today we have rediscovered another use for this amazing plant.  We are now around to using CBDs, and it’s all perfect for the environment and safe for all the family

Our conclusion

Let’s follow our colourful history. This industry can provide us with a sustainable product with a multitude of uses and be environmentally friendly and harvest Job creation, what’s not to like?!

For more information see our article Everything you need to know about CBD

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Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

hemp flowers in jars

The spectrums

What is the difference between Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oil? The difference is THC. Phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids) are naturally occurring elements of the cannabis plant, hemp.

There are over 115 cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Made up of CBDs and THCs, each one with a variety of benefits. And there could be up to 200 terpenes.

CBD & THC have many benefits

CBD & THC have many benefits, these are a mere snippet:

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help with:

  • anxiety
  • epilepsy
  • glaucoma.
  • helps with certain cancer.

THC has pain-relieving properties it helps with glaucoma and offers relief from certain cancer treatments.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

is created from the whole hemp plant. Everything the plant has to offer, including flavonoids, terpenes, lipid fatty acids and a small amount of THC around 0.3% Full-spectrum oils has the natural smells, colour, and tastes of Hemp. Giving you all the elements is called the ‘Entourage effect’ because you get the full benefit of the plant.

CBD Oil Soft Gel Capsules 25mg We are proud of our 25mg CBD Capsules – Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil soft gel capsules. We work hard to source superb CBD oils with a hint of CBG; the lab report on these guys is fabulous.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

can be up to 80% pure, also called a THC-free distillate, because there are only trace elements of THC, around 0.0005%.  Broad-Spectrum is a better choice for people who want a cleaner CBD experience, with a Wide Variety of Cannabinoids. And minimal impurities.

According to studies, the broad-spectrum distillate is less potent than its full-spectrum counterpart.  This is because of the lack of terpenes, flavonoids and lipid fats. As terpenes have their array of benefits.  The beauty of Broad-Spectrum is to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the flavonoids.

This removes the strong earthy tastes and smells and gives your taste buds a more pleasant experience.  The distillate can be applied to an MCT Carrier Oil or foods and if so desired can have the terpenes added back to the mix.

It’s easier to create a fabulous tasting CBD oil using distillates. We have a delightful blueberry-flavoured CBD Oil.

cbd Isolate

Isolate is a highly refined cannabis extract often derived from hemp flowers alone.

Isolating the CBD removes all other elements of the plant, removing the other Cannabinoids, including any trace element of THC

The crystallised Isolate, a concentrate of CBD, Can be 99% pure and is ground into a white, odourless powder, Removing any elements of THC.

Big Chief Hemp crafts CBD Oils using Distillate in our Oral Oils. Our customers can rest assured no THC is present. Only great-tasting and wonderfully smelling CBD Oils.

Whilst giving you a Broad Spectrum of Cannabinoids.

This provides great-tasting and lovely aromatic CBD Oils.

our Conclusion

They both have benefits – Big Chief Hemp prefers using CBD Distillates in our Oral Oils, to bring our customer assurances of no THC and to provide a great-tasting and lovely smelling CBD Oils.

And give you the full benefit of whole plant extract in our capsules.

This fascinating plant has so much to offer, to find out more, see our full guide!

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Hemp Products Recycling the Past

hemp rope

Recycling the past with hemp products

Hemp products Most would agree that plastics derived from hydrocarbons must be replaced with more sustainable products and hemp is a proven alternative.

Big Chief Hemp is looking at the options, hemp-based solutions to our packaging, especially for drinking fluid containers, and intends to investigate using hemp products as a replacement for plastic straws and other consumable products that are currently made with non-sustainable methodologies.

Hemp is Mother Nature’s gift natures gift

Hemp products Most would agree that plastics derived from hydrocarbons must be replaced with more sustainable products and hemp is a proven alternative.

Big Chief Hemp is looking at the options, hemp-based solutions to our packaging, especially for drinking fluid containers, and intends to investigate using hemp products as a replacement for plastic straws and other consumable products that are currently made with non-sustainable methodologies.

Possesses’ qualities as a natural food supplement, CBD oil has so much to offer, increasing your therapeutic potential, and a natural way to support healthy living.  This gentle product is non-psychoactive, and its cultivation has minimal impact on the environment.  One of the Worlds oldest known crops is making a comeback!

This incredible plant can provide us with so much

a great replacement

Often as a replacement for environmentally harmful products –Industrial products

  •  paper
  • rope
  • textiles
  • bags
  • clothing
  • foodstuffs
  • milk
  • cold-pressed oil
  • tea
  • herbal remedies
  • tinctures
  • creams
  • balms
  • topicals

We currently use industrial hemp for insulation and in-car manufacturing and carpet production.

We are looking forward to seeing hemp Biofuels run our cars, after all, that is what the original diesel engine was designed for.

In ancient Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq and Iran) clothing has been found; made of hemp, at ancient burial sites 10,000 years old.   Hemp is a wonderful material, it is much stronger than cotton.  The early American settlers span hemp to make clothing.  The Ancient Chinese used hemp not only for clothing but also for shoes.

With the ease hemp grows, it could be the answer to our prayers.

Its a thing hempcrete

Hempcrete: One recipe is; hemp shives, sand and lime.  Bound these ingredients create a self-insulating, breathable and carbon-neutral material for building.

It is a Carbon neutral, alternative option for green construction.

going back to hemp products

Hemp paper was discovered in China 2000 years ago, it died out in Europe in the 1900s with the use of wood pulp. 

As we need to grow so much hemp for Supplements, Seeds, Bio Diesel, Clothing, Cars, CO2 sequencing, Soil Cleaning Homes and Batteries;

We could use the whole plant and go back to using Sustainable Hemp paper?.

Or we could recreate the UK rag trade, creating cloth and jobs at the same time.

Bibles used to be made from hemp paper, we could use it now to make anything from writing paper to rizla papers. Feels as though we had many of the answers and we overshot the mark. Let’s go back to what worked. Romantic notions or pure Logic? You decide.

an ancient bible made of hemp paper

Our conclusion

Not to reinvent the wheel, we have the alternatives we have been looking for, by going back, to the Future with hemp products.

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CBD Extraction Process

manual cbd press

the extraction process

Ever wondered how CBD is extracted from Hemp?

Hemp CBD Oil is the latest health product to hit the shelves. It’s being advertised like snake oil to cure ills.  Not quite but it does offer enormous benefits.  It is extracted from the ‘Hemp’ plant.  A non-intoxicating plant. Safe for you and your whole family.

it comes from sativa l family

We love all things Hemp at Big Chief.

What is the best extraction process for CBD Oil?

Ultimately the three main ways to extract CBD.

  •     Oil Extraction
  •     CO2 Extraction
  •     Solvent Extraction

With pros and cons to each method.  CBD Extraction is a highly skilled process. It can take a lot of expensive equipment.

many ways to milk a seed

A company in Canada use a large wooden screw to press the buds.  It’s a natural and traditional method dating back hundreds of years.  This is our favourite method because it’s a whole plant extract.

The hemp flowers are soaked in refined oil, usually Coconut Oil.  Coconut oil is chosen because it’s a thin oil.  Damp buds are popped into the top of a funnel and dropped through to the screw.  The screw is turned and the buds are pressed.  Tightly pressed so Hemp oil comes out the other side.  CBD Oil resembles the consistency of honey with a green tinge.  The end product is a beautiful golden-green juice.  A full plant extract with the CBDs, flavonoids and Terpenes.

CBD oil CO2 extraction process

Below is a simplified version of the process

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide, compressed air.  It is a gas that consists of one part carbon & two parts oxygen.  It’s Non-combustible and nontoxic. I’ll try and cut through the science of the CBD oil CO2 extraction process.

In a Lab

Hemp buds are dropped into a high-pressure chamber and the chamber is sealed.

Advanced Liquid Co2

many ways to milk a seed

Advanced Liquid Co2 is added (supercritical C02) to the chamber.  High pressure is applied from the top of the device. Plunged, pushing Co2 liquid through the buds.  Hemp buds sit with the CO2 for a couple of hours.  The mush is pushed into the third chamber, a separator machine.

Final Chamber

Evaporation occurs in the third and final chamber removing the CO2 and leaving a lovely oil at the end.  CO2 is the preferred method of extraction because there are no solvents used.  No impurities are added and it’s fully automated.  From there it goes straight into products pure and unmolested.

Distilled CBD

A step for further refinement and distillation.  We go to a traditional laboratory. Lots of jars and tubes to condensers.  Temperature plays the biggest role in this process.  It’s a system of heating liquids and cooling liquids then catching vapers.  Crude hemp oil is heated up in a boiling flask to around 230c.  This flask sits inside a heated box, which stirs and heats the oil.  The oil creates vapers, and the vapers are caught in a tall distillation glass.

its all about the vaper

The vaper travels to a cooling chamber.  In this cooling chamber, the vapour turns back into a liquid.  This liquid travels down the chamber to the second set of flasks.    Three flasks, two collect terpenes, solvents, and undesirable bits.  The final One collects the CBD Distillate, CBD Gold.

cbd isolate

CBD Isolate

Further refinement in a centrifugal machine  A CBD Ethanol extraction process is used.  Ethanol is added to the hemp buds.  The buds are added to a machine, and it spins and separates each element of the plant to produce Isolates.  An ‘Isolate’ is an isolated part of the plant, so the product is almost a pure CBD and creates up to 99% purity

our conclusion

There are many ways to extract CBD, but most are good. The old school and traditional ways are our favourites.

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Common CBD Myths

Clearing the smoke Common CBD myths

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an exciting product that has made its way quickly to the forefront of research, media, and laws surrounding Cannabis.

It’s very difficult to ignore the presence of CBD as it can now be found in many products in; health food shops, and online shops.

With the growing popularity of CBD, many myths and controversies are occurring.


When CBD began trending were the many case studies and videos that showed CBD products being used for wellness. 

But with this, came a lot of apprehension about CBD, because there was little research and Common CBD myths.

Also, most of us are more familiar with the illegal Cannabis plant that’s used to “get high”, therefore there is considerable uncertainty and confusion that leaves people asking, “How is CBD legal?” 

Let’s take a look at some of the common myths associated with Cannabidiol:

Myth #1

Myth #1: CBD oils are psychoactive

To clear the smoke on this frequently misinformed subject, Hemp is a term used to categorise a variety of Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

In other words, Hemp is generally used to describe non-intoxicating Cannabis that’s harvested for its derived products, none of which can make us high.

Hemp is often confused with Recreational Cannabis which is the strain of Cannabis Sativa used for its psychoactive properties.

Cannabis and Hemp

These two plants are almost indistinguishable from one another, so it’s not surprising that many people get confused.  Both of these plants can create CBD oil, but the psychoactive element (THC) is produced at very different levels.

CBD oils can’t contain more than 1mg of THC per bottle, while Cannabis can contain up to 30% THC content.

THC is the chemical responsible for the psychological effects derived from Cannabis.  To create a psychoactive effect, THC attaches to the cannabinoid receptors (that naturally occur in certain areas of the brain) and stimulates them.

This affects a person’s thinking, concentration, pleasure, sensory and time perception.  For THC to cause this psychoactive effect, more than 0.3%

THC is needed; therefore, it would be practically impossible to get high or reap any psychoactive effects from CBD oils.

Myth #2

Myth #2: Cannabis is illegal in the UK, so Hemp must be too

Cannabis has been used across the globe for thousands of years and was widely used in the UK.

In the early ’90s, Cannabis was made illegal in the UK when it was considered dangerous due to its psychoactive effects.

But thanks to over 50 years of research and campaign work, there has been a breakthrough with CBD oil and hemp-infused products

– but Cannabis remains illegal.

everything you wanted to know about CBD

Without a prescription. Cannabis remains illegal under the ‘Controlled Substance Act of 1970’.

But Hemp has been removed from this regulation and is now a legal product in the ‘Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018’.  Hemp is legal as are hemp-derived products that contain no more than 1mg THC per bottle.

To further clarify Hemp vs Cannabis, Cannabis is illegal without a prescription in the UK because it contains more than 0.3%

THC subsequently causes psychoactive effects. 

Hemp has been legalised in the UK as long as it contains less than 1mg THC per bottle and doesn’t cause psychoactive effects.

cbd prescription

Myth #3

Myth #3: CBD isn’t a medicine

In 2018, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) classed CBD as official medicine.  Provided it meets strict safety, quality and efficiency standards. 

However, there are currently only a few products that are prescribed to treat certain medical conditions. 

In the UK, CBD is present in medicines: Sativex and Epidiolex.  Sativex is used by people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and people in pain due to cancer, while Epidiolex is used for epilepsy in children.

A prescription is not required to buy Big Chief Hemp CBD Oil.

There are many claims that CBD can be used to treat or ease the symptoms of many illnesses. But medical research is still developing to understand precisely how CDB helps with medical conditions.

Until all the research is fully formed and the evidence is there, it’s difficult to say exactly which illnesses can be treated with CBD.

**Products sold by Big Chief Hemp are food supplements and not medical grade CBD as described above.

Myth #4

Myth #4: CBD cures illnesses

Scientists are researching the benefits of CBD more and more each week.   There isn’t any research to officially prove that CBD can cure any medical conditions.  CBD may be used as a dietary supplement, but it isn’t possible to say that it is a cure for anything.

For example, many cancer patients may use CBD to aid with their symptoms (which may or may not be useful depending on the person).  But there is no scientific evidence that CBD alone can cure cancer.

The term “medical Cannabis”

often confuses people when they are researching CBD.  Firstly, CBD and so-called medical Cannabis are derived from different species of Cannabis Sativa L.  As discussed in myth #2, the properties of legal CBD and Cannabis are very different.

These differences are the reasons why one is legal, and one is a controlled substance.  Why do I call it ‘So-Called medical Cannabis’ because Cannabis is Cannabis?

There is no difference between what is grown in a Laboratory and street Cannabis.

Lab Test

The Hemp vs Cannabis subject can be quite confusing. There’s no wonder why there are so many misconceptions surrounding the booming CBD industry. 

Despite the lack of scientific verification, the terms Hemp and CBD/ CBD oil have become deeply ingrained in today’s society.

Although this subject is a hot topic, there is a need to re-educate the world about Hemp and Cannabis.  But change cannot happen overnight.

So far, we have all seen many case studies of how CBD has helped people improve their quality of life. 

With this increased online presence, more funding has been provided to fund research. 

As more and more research is undertaken we hope that more and more evidence is gained to prove the benefits of CBD.

Now that some of the most common CBD myths have been cleared up, you may want to know how CBD works.

Our conclusion

We receive many questions about Cannabinoids; we have selected the most frequently asked questions to answer.

For more information, see our article, Everything you wanted to know about CBD.  I hope this has given you a fresh insight into CBD.  And unravelled The Common CBD myths

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Cannabis VS Hemp

Cannabis VS Hemp

So what’s the difference between Hemp vs cannabis. The answer is THC.

Let’s clarify the difference.

The plants look the same, and smell the same with enormous benefits however, they are very different.

Both species are born of the same Cannabis family.Three of the central family are

  •   Sativa
  •     Ruderalis
  •     Indica

The plants are indigenous to East Asia and grow over the world.

what is hemp

Hemp is the general term for the Industrial plant.

It’s non-psychoactive with less than 3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hemp cannot give you a ‘head high, therefore, it is not used as a recreational drug ’.

The plant has many industrial uses.

Hemp Industrial Uses

The Hemp plant is used in the manufacturing of many products, for example; paper, cloth and rope.

Bibles and maps used to be made of Hemp paper. Until the 1820s 80% of all textiles, fabrics, linen, clothes, bedsheets and curtains were made from hemp. 

Today, we use hemp to make products; for example; bags, clothing and car manufacturing.

Why not take a look at our article on the many uses of the hemp plant?.


Hempcrete building blocks

It’s a thing! HempCrete is a Plant-based sustainable building block. To create new homes and outbuildings. 

The Hempcrete building blocks are created using mixtures of Hemp, Lime and Hurds. 

Hemp has natural thermal mass and creates natural insulation consequently it’s ideal to build your home. 

It is not brittle like concrete making it an ideal building block.

Versatile Hemp

In the 1500s The British Navy Fleet heavily relied upon Hemp. 

Hemp is naturally resistant to rotting from saltwater and is therefore perfect for fleets’ sails and rope. 

Today, Hemp is used for home insulation, biofuels, car manufacturing, rope and carpet production.

sailing boat

Hemp food and drink

Milk made from hemp seed is the perfect alternative to dairy milk.  As well as being perfect for making cold-pressed cooking oils. Perfect for sprinkling seeds on your salads or breakfast. An ideal source of amino acids.

Cannabis is the term used for the variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contains more than 0.3% THC and is psychoactive.  

The plant is harvested for Cannabis products, medicinal and recreational products

various therapeutic benefits

Hemp is a wonderful herbal remedy with many uses.  Take CBD Oil to aid your endocannabinoid system.  CBD is used to make a huge range of Skincare products.

one is legal the other is not

Cannabis is the usual term for the variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contains more than 0.3% THC. 

This plant is psychoactive.  Cannabis is harvested for medicinal as well as recreational products. 

As it’s psychoactive it will illicit a ‘head high’ and may stimulate the body. 

CBD is present in Cannabis.  Hemp is legal to consume in the UK however, Cannabis remains illegal, without a prescription.

visually different

The grown plants look slightly different.

Legal – Hemp has a thicker stalk, with slimmer leaves and much fewer branches and can grow to 20 feet high.

Illegal – Cannabis is often shorter, with slender stems with a dense growth of leaves and buds. Usually, This plant will grow up to 6ft

CBD comes from the Hemp plant, and medical cannabis comes from the Cannabis plant.


Marijuana was a marketing term created by the CIA in the 1950s, Harry Anslinger coined the term to demonise the plant.

As the term marijuana has racist connotations, The industry prefers to use the term cannabis for recreational plants.

hemp flowers in jars

medicinal properties

In addition to being a recreational plant, it has many medicinal qualities.  Cannabis Oil provides pain relief, Whilst CBD Oil offers anti-inflammatory properties. 

In addition; Cannabis can assist with some cancers. It promotes cell death and restricts the blood flow to the tumour.  We know it is good for easing the side effects of traditional cancer treatments and aiding in palliative care. 

Studies in the UK are now going to look at cannabis as a cancer treatment.

As a result, there is much research to be done.   

its a exciting time

the future of cannabis products is looking bright. Once the stigma disappears we can get on and begin to explore this vital plant.