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CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD Oil side effects

A guide to possible cbd oil side effects

Are there any CBD Oil Side effects?

When we talk about CBD, we are generally telling you about all the good stuff.

Customers all around the world are looking at CBD Products to manage a variety of ailments.  From Anxiety to Pain Relief.  I’ve found myself, It’s a wonderful alternative to many prescription meds.

Side effects of CBD

The science is positive; it is showing us CBD can have outstanding effects on arthritis, sleep (Hypnotic and antiepileptic effects of cannabidiol – PubMed (, anti-inflammatory, epilepsy, anxiety and many more issues, we encounter.

As studies continue and the exciting outcomes are being discussed around the Globe, we are thinking about the possibilities of ‘the side effects of CBD. 

Are there any CBD side effects? What are the downsides of CBD Oil Side effects? if there are any? Surely as with everything in life, we incur side effects. I have heard it said, CBD Is safer than a peanut. But is that true?

What we do know is that CBD is one of the safest supplements we have.  It is kind to your stomach and good for your skin. It helps with Wellness but there must be a downside, right?

Each of us has an Endocannabinoid system. A series of signals and receptors throughout the body and brain. It is true to say, humans have more cannabinoid receptors than any other receptor in the body.

Mammals naturally produce cannabinoids, CBD is the plant version of cannabinoids. Taking CBD Oil acts as a supplement, to bolster your immune system among a few things.

potential side effects

With everything in life, there is a downside, let’s explore CBD and its side effects.

  • Can cause a Dry mouth in some consumers. To remedy this, drink plenty of fluids after you consume your CBD Oil
  • Mild headaches have been reported. We recommend if this occurs stop using CBD oil.
  • Diarrhoea or changes in stomach behaviour.
  • May lower blood pressure
  • Appetite changes. Reported both-way loss in appetite or gain of appetite.
  • Tiredness has also been reported.
  • People on medication for Liver complaints should avoid CBD, as it may interfere with the medical as they use the same pathway.
  • Rare instances of CBD has caused mild Dizziness
CBD Side effects

the good news

Most experiences with CBD are positive, but there are some reports of side effects, although, these numbers are low and not common, with anything, we cannot escape there are sometimes side effects for some of us.

Increasing numbers of people are reporting a deeper and longer sleep whilst using CBD. Studies are very encouraging.

In a trial with patients with Cannabidiol against Placebo, The patients with CBD demonstrated a longer sleep.

Studies are showing that CBD with THC may also be able to combat Insomnia (Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: a Review of the Literature – PubMed (

our conclusion

Are there any CBD side effects?, the answer is simply Yes.

As we progress with our knowledge of CBD the outcomes are extremely positive, however, as with all things in life, where there are positives, we always have negatives.

Some people unfortunately will not enjoy the same benefits of CBD as others.

The numbers of reports with side effects are low, so again this is positive news.

As research moves forward, we will learn more about this amazing plant.

*If you suffer from any of the complaints above, and you suspect it could be your CBD, please stop using your CBD oils and if the complaint persists, please consult with your doctor.