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Buying CBD Online

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Buying CBD Online

When you buy CBD online, What do you need to know? Let’s look at the CBD market.

The CBD oil industry was one of the fastest-growing sectors of 2019.  It’s an exciting time for the industry, with Hemp finally being allowed to make a comeback after the ban was put in place in the early’90s.

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CBD HIstory

We had been using hemp for centuries before this ban.  Hemp was used in creating a variety of commercial and industrial products including fabric, paper, shoes and bioplastics.

The growing Hemp industry offers consumers a variety of products from hundreds of different brands, including beverages, sweets, topicals and Cannabidiol drops.

What is Hemp, and how is it different from Cannabis

Hemp and Cannabis have several differences.  While the two plants look and smell similar; they are chemically and structurally different.  One of the main aspects that are often misunderstood is the presence of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hemp is used for its fibre and oil, and Cannabis is consumed for recreation or its medical properties.  THC is the element of the plant that is present in cannabis and is intoxicating, it gives you a ‘head high’.

Cannabis has a much higher level of THC than Hemp.

Growing Hemp was banned in the early 90s because there were many concerns about how to tell the difference between Hemp and Cannabis.  Hemp and Cannabis are separate species from the same botanical Cannabis family.

Just because a species comes from the same family doesn’t mean its chemical compounds and appearance are identical.  For instance; the Aloe family has over 500 species, and all look relatively similar, but only a few of the species have medicinal properties (such as the Aloe Vera species).

Hemp is a fantastic plant offering an abundance of uses that are gradually being brought to light and accepted across the globe.  To reap the benefits of Cannabidiol, many consumers search online for CBD products. 

But it can be a challenging task trying to work out which products are genuine.

Here are the top questions to ask;

Which country was the Cannabidiol SOURCED

CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant; therefore, the quality of the Hemp plant used plays a huge factor in the quality of the end product.  Big Chief Hemp CBD is freshly sourced from some of the highest quality farmers in Europe.

We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers to maintain consistently high-quality CBD products.  Big Chief Hemp CBD chose to source CBD from Portugal due to the nutrient-rich soil, and high cultivation standards present there.

The cultivation practices used are environmentally friendly.   Abstaining from the use of pesticides to produce a Premium Hemp for CBD production.

Has your CBD been tested in a Laboratory

One of the first things to ask when buying any CBD product is whether a third-party laboratory has tested the product.

If the product is tested, then a lab report should be readily available from the company.  Either on their website or by contacting them.  A lab report will confirm which cannabinoids are in your oils and if the correct amount of CBD is present.

Leafie reviewed 47 US CBD products.  The outcome was only 24 products delivered the amount stated on the label.

A lab report will give you peace of mind.

Who is the 3rd party Laboratory

A company that knows the source of its Oils; is responsible.

We have mentioned, more than a few times, a 3rd party but who are they?

PhytoLab, are an independent ISO 17025-accredited, and GMP-certified lab in the UK.

How much THC does CBD oil contain

Over recent years CBD has become highly valued for being a non-intoxicating product that has many potential health benefits.  Demand for CBD has boomed with the increase of consumers looking to discover the benefits of Cannabidiol without the “high” from the THC.

For a CBD product to be classed as non-intoxicating, it must contain less than 0.2% THC.  This level is deemed as “safe” and isn’t anywhere near enough THC to inflict the psychoactive effects that cause a “high”.

The level of THC will be shown as a percentage on either the supplier’s website or on the container of the product (or both).  Big Chief Hemp Oral Drops contain 0.0005% of THC a value considered untraceable.

How is CBD oil Extracted

The extraction process put the Hemp flowers into a chamber and CO2 is added.  The CO2 is pushed through the flowers and then remains in the liquid soaking for a couple of hours.

There are various methods of extraction.  The oldest form of CBD extraction is the use of ethanol (simple alcohol).

Using high proof alcohol, the CBD is drawn out of the plant with minimal damage, in a similar way, by soaking them in the liquid.

Are there any artificial ingredients in CBD Oil

Last but not least, we recommend checking the ingredients list of the product to ensure there are no hidden or artificial ingredients that you weren’t expecting to be present. If no ingredients are listed on the product, then this immediately should be a red flag. If the ingredients are listed, but you’re presented with names you cannot read or pronounce, then a quick search online will reveal what the ingredient is.

Big Chief Hemp only uses high-quality CBD sourced from Hemp farmers in Portugal and processed in the UK. We can ensure you are provided with a premium product without any complicated jargon or hidden ingredients.

Big Chief Hemp Oils, contain fractional coconut oil, natural flavourings & CBD Oil

If you have any questions about our products, please free to contact us.

our conclusion

Yes, it is safe to buy CBD online.