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CBD Cream

cbd cream topical

A guide to CBD Creams, topicals and balms

CDB is not only used for oral ingestion, it is also used to create CBD-infused topicals, balms and creams.

Hemp-derived skin care products have been on the shelves of health food shops for many years but have grown increasingly popular recently thanks to the boom in the cannabidiol industry.

The benefits to your Skin

When you are looking to reap the benefits of CBD, you will now often run into not only CBD oil/ CBD capsules but also a variety of CBD topicals and creams. In fact, since the farming legalisation of hemp-derived CBD products, the health and wellness market has become inundated with CBD-infused skincare products.

New users of CBD topicals will understandably be hesitant about using a new product. However, studies consistently show that CBD is safe, and many people are seeing benefits from hemp-derived products.

CBD skin care products won’t get you high (so you won’t have any intoxicating effects) and it’s impossible to overdose or develops an addiction to CBD, so you can use these products as much or little as you like.

What are CBD What are CBD Creams used for?


CBD topicals include lotions, balms and creams that are infused with CBD to create skin-friendly products that contain the medicinal benefits of CBD. CBD topicals are popular because they penetrate the skin directly for targeted relief, without entering the bloodstream (unlike CBD oil which is ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue or swallowed in a capsule). This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to target the healing properties in specific areas rather than feeling the effects throughout their body.


CBD topicals are frequently used to help relieve joint or muscle pain, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, menstrual cramps, arthritis and general aches and pains. Most commonly, CBD in topical form is used to help with inflammation and muscle ache. When CBD is applied to the skin it soaks into both the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin, which permeates the skin and muscle below; so, the CBD can get straight to work in the area the topical has been applied.


As with most medications, the success of the CBD topicals is subject to each person, for example, individuals with psoriasis may spend years finding their ‘perfect cream’ that helps them, but that cream may not work for somebody else. This is a typical occurrence within the dermatology industry, and hence why there are dermatologists in health care to help individuals find the skin care products that work for them. So as with all creams, it’s a case of trying it to see whether your skin likes it.

What’s the difference between CBD creams, balms and lotions?

CBD creams, balms and lotions are arguably safer than many other CBD products as they aren’t absorbed through the bloodstream.

These products are therefore sometimes preferred for certain situations for targeted relief.


There’s an array of choices when it comes to CBD topicals, whether you prefer creams, balms or lotions. You can even use all types and work them into your daily skincare routine, and in conjunction with other CBD products.

Most CBD topicals have a nourishing base of shea butter, or oils like coconut, jojoba or vitamin E to provide added benefits to the skin.

CBD topicals vary in their thickness and consistency, so it’s advised that you choose a topical that is similar to what you would usually buy – unless you want to try something different of course.


Lotions are typically a water-based product, while creams usually have an oil base and balms have a wax base with fatty oils for a thick consistency.

Lotions with their water base are typically the fastest topical to absorb into the skin but creams offer a richer penetration that gets deeper into the skin tissue.


Creams and lotions tend to be preferred by individuals with arthritis as they are generally easier to apply and work into the skin. But at the end of the day, each person is different, you just need to find what works well for you.

How is CBD added to topicals?

Not all CBD products are created equal and it’s important to identify that there is a measurable amount of CBD within a product.

Some CBD-infused products are made using a refined coconut carrier oil and CBD isolate, which is then added to the base ingredient (for example beeswax) and mixed until the desired consistency is formed.

When these elements are blended, other fundamental elements such as Vitamin E are added to increase the skincare benefits. We tend to avoid those using any unsustainable oils.

How do CBD topicals work?

On a physiological level, the CBD in topicals works by collaborating with the body’s endocannabinoid system (also known as ECS).

The ECS is comprised of a system of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors that control and maintain many aspects of our body such as pain, skin irritations, appetite and immune response.

CBD cooperates with the internal ECS system and helps to better control internal body procedures related to homeostasis, which explains how CBD is said to help treat inflammation.


The ECS system is present in our skin cells, among other places in our body, so when topicals are applied to our dermal skin layers CBD reacts with the ECS system even in the shallow layers of skin.

This is said to be why CBD-infused products work well for skin conditions as they can be applied directly to the problem area and gets to work instantly.

CBD topicals, balms and lotions are great for applying to localised areas of the body for direct and fast-acting relief.

There are various products to choose from that offer different consistencies to suit your preference that are easy to use.


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