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Who is using CBD Oil?

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Who is using CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in the UK provided that it has less than 0.2% THC content, as THC is a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act. The psychoactive properties of THC saw Cannabis become illegal across the country which included the farming and production of Hemp derived products. Until recently when the government accepted that the Hemp plant within the Cannabis family is low in THC but high in CBD.

Legally approved

The government put rules in place to ensure that CBD is only extracted from an industrial-grade hemp strain that has been legally approved.

This is a rule that confuses some people who think that because CBD is now legal, they can grow their Cannabis plants to create CBD products.

It remains illegal to grow your cannabis plants in the UK, so CBD producers have to receive a licence from the UK Home Office to do so.

CBD oil is safe to use and doesn’t cause the high that THC is well known for. If the product has been tested by a third party and there is a full list of ingredients, then it’s widely considered to be safe.

CBD has very few potential side effects as generally most people tolerate it well and may only feel a slight change in appetite or tiredness.

The question is Who?

So, who’s using CBD and what are they using it for?

There is a high level of CBD use in the UK and it’s fair to say that CBD has gone mainstream. It’s believed that approximately 5 million people have tried CBD at least once in the past year.

There isn’t a specific demographic of CBD users. There’s a sizeable proportion of all age groups and social classes using CBD oil and infused products for a range of reasons.

Most of the people who are using CBD are using it for pain relief, but others use it for skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia.

It’s believed that over 70% of UK CBD consumers are buying CBD capsules, oils and topicals for their therapeutic benefits and potential pain-relieving and medical properties.

This high number could be due to an increased number of people believing in herbal remedies over typical scientific medicines. This number also suggests that more research needs to take place so that these natural remedies can be used in the NHS and prescribed more often by GPs.

Pain relief is the biggest reason why most people try or frequently use CBD. It is often being used as a replacement for prescribed pain medicines like opioids that many people are wary of due to their highly addictive properties.

Many CBD converts have said that CBD has been as effective as prescribed painkillers, with the added benefit that CBD isn’t addictive.

How does CBD help arthritis?

Many CBD users are using CBD oil or CBD-infused products to help with pain caused by arthritis.

Although there isn’t much scientific backing to prove its pain-relieving properties on humans yet, there have been many animal studies which suggest that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

Having said this, there have been case studies in the media that have shown some people with arthritis who have tried CBD report a noticeable reduction in pain as well as a better sleep.

Arthritis is one of the main causes of chronic pain, which affects billions of people across the world. There are serval types of arthritis, but the main ones are Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA).

RA is an autoimmune disease whereby a person’s immune systems attack their joints which causes inflammation.

This commonly occurs in the hands and feet and results in painful and stiff joints. OA on the other hand is a degenerative disease that affects the cartilage and bones usually in the hips, knees and thumb joints, causing pain and stiffness.

So far, scientists have discovered that the topical application of CBD is the most beneficial way to relieve pain and inflammation caused by arthritis as it absorbs into the skin directly where the pain is.

There are many ways to take or use CBD such as ingesting the oil that then goes into your bloodstream, but it’s best to seek guidance from a CBD supplier about the best way to use CBD for the type of pain you have.

Can CBD help athletes improve their performance?

CBD shows promise in treating a wide number of medical conditions that often occur in athletes, including joint pain, inflammation and muscle soreness.

So, it isn’t a surprise that many athletes or athletic individuals are using CBD. Athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies which can cause negative effects as well as the obvious positives.

The non-psychoactive properties of CBD are very appealing to athletes as they are usually allowed to use this cannabis-derived product without testing positive in drug tests – however, this can still be controversial in some tests so it’s best to check first. Taking CBD shouldn’t cause a positive test for THC, especially when you use a CBD isolate.

To avoid being tested positive for THC, it’s best to buy CBD products from a reliable source that you can trust.

Make sure you do your research and read the product labels.

Athletes tend to choose CBD-derived products over anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen as it’s believed that over-the-counter drugs may increase the risk of developing serious health problems such as a stroke or heart attack.

Many athletes have said that CBD has reduced their use of NSAIDs for exercise-related pain and only causes them very minimal side effects (if any at all).

Anyone can use CBD for numerous reasons, generally, the most common reason why people use CBD is to treat pain, but it can be used for so many different things including insomnia and anxiety.

The people who tend to use these products the most (at the moment) are people with arthritis but as more and more research is carried out, there becomes more evidence to suggest new benefits of CBD.

Our conclusion

CBD Oil is great for everyone! 

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