Night Time CBD Oil Subscription

From: £12.50 / month

Subscription Night Time Oral CBD Oil 10ml. We have crafted a delicate blend of natural lavender extract with our distilled CBD, suspended in a light Coconut MCT Carrier. A choice of strengths 500mg to 4000mg. Get the gift of sleep on repeat.



Embrace Uninterrupted Wellbeing with Big Chief Hemp’s Night Time Lavender CBD Oil Subscription

Sustained Serenity, Delivered: Step into a world where your peaceful nights are never compromised. Our Night Time Lavender CBD Oil is now available through an exclusive subscription service, ensuring you’re never without the means to a restful sleep.

The Convenience of Continuity: With Big Chief Hemp’s subscription service, your journey towards a balanced life is uninterrupted. Choose your strength, set your delivery frequency, and we handle the rest. From our tranquil 500mg to the profound serenity of 4000mg, each bottle is a promise to your wellbeing, delivered directly to your door.

Never Miss a Night of Blissful Rest: Subscribing ensures that your slumber is supported consistently by the soothing embrace of natural lavender. Seamlessly integrated into your bedtime ritual, our CBD oil offers a sanctuary of calm night after night.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle: Our subscription is designed for flexibility because life is unpredictable. Adjust, pause, or cancel anytime—no strings attached, just the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wellbeing is always catered for.

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Exclusive Subscriber Benefits: Subscribers enjoy special privileges, including discounted rates, first access to new products, and additional perks that enhance the Big Chief Hemp experience.

Your Commitment to Self-Care: By choosing our subscription service, you are prioritizing your wellness journey. Let the consistency of our Night Time Lavender CBD Oil be the cornerstone of your nightly routine, fostering a lasting equilibrium.


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500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, 4000mg