Mint CBD Oil Subscription

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Make sure you stay on par with our Subscription Mint CBD Oil Tincture 10ml. One 10ml bottle each calendar month, with no contract. Enjoy our Sale prices every month.  Available in various strengths, to suit all your needs. The same Premium blend of distilled CBD blended with a fine Coconut Oil.



Mint CBD

Don’t miss a day of your favourite Mint CBD Oil on Subscription. Get yourself signed up and enjoy our Sale Prices every month! Available in your favourite strengths, to suit your needs. With our usual Premium blend of distilled CBD  suspended in a fine Coconut Oil. The same product for half the price tag, without thinking, now that makes sense.

Delivered to your door one bottle of 10ml CBD Oil every calendar month of your chosen strength and flavour (plus postage), no contract, doubt you would want to but if do,  cancel when you like.

This gentle none psychoactive oil will give you the boost you need. Supporting your ECS system, this wonderful plant works in harmony with your body.

We only use the best ingredients in our CBD and pride ourselves in bringing you premium Oils, your health is our wealth.

Available in five flavours Mixed Berry, Blueberry, Natural, Mint or our Night Time Lavender CBD Oils.


Try our Minty CBD Oil.  If you change your mind simply change or cancel your subscription. We have created a delicate mix of distilled CBD blended with a light Coconut Oil with a light mint flavour. Available in a variety of strengths to suit your needs. Begin with a 500mg through to a full-strength 4000mg.

How to take your CBD Oil 

Big Chief CBD Oil is designed to be taken daily; Consistency is the Key

Take two or three drops under your tongue twice a day.

Its recommended; to hold the CBD liquid for three seconds before swallowing.

One dose a day will last approximately 30 days, based on one to two drops, three times daily under your tongue.

Consumers should seek medical guidance if taking other medications or during pregnancy.


Our CBD Oil is infused with a Natural Mint extract and suspended in light Coconut Oil.


CBD Oil works with your ECS. As with a vitamin supplement, CBD is similar in supporting your body’s wellness. CBD has so much to offer Increasing your therapeutic potential. A natural way to support a Healthy Lifestyle, achieving your body’s homeostasis.

Natures Gift, posses’ qualities as a natural Food supplement. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system of Neurotransmitters, a network of cell signalling that attaches to cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system, including the brain and immune system.

The Two primary cannabinoid receptors identified are named CB1 and CB2. These Receptors work in almost every area of humans and our pets.

If you are lacking in concentration, CBD works with your ECS system. CBD flicks on the neuroreceptors in your nervous system, including your brain, like turning on light switches.


Your  % in CBD Oil blended with a Coconut MCT oil

Big Chief Hemp CBD Oil is  Vegan friendly

Never tested on Animals

You can safely buy your CBD Oil from Big Chief Hemp without a prescription as a Food Supplement.


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500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, 4000mg