Big Chief Hemp Hemp Drinking Straws


Hemp Drinking Straws

Spruce up your summer drinks, Ice & a slice with these rustic straws

Packet contains 25 straws, Eco friendly Hemp straws

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Creatively using the Hemp stems and utilising the whole plant, no waste.

  • 100% Bio-degradable.
  • Perfect for swapping out your plastic straws
  • Delightfully rustic, these straws can be reused throughout the day or night, as they maintain their integrity.
  • An improvement on paper and plastic
  • Big Chief champions any alternatives to plastic, we are doing our little bit!
  • As an Eco-Friendly company we keep our packaging to a minimum, we have swapped the plastic wrapper for a brown paper wrap and hemp string.

The UK Government has planned to ban plastic drinking straws, stirrers and cotton buds by 2020.

A fantastic move!

Annually the UK uses 4.7 billion straws,  we need to cut down our use of plastics severely.

We love our hemp straws, why not give them a try.


Hemp plant stems

Suitable for vegans