CBD Oil Tincture 10% 1000mg CBD 10ml

Big Chief Hemp 1000mg 10% CBD Oil Tincture– 10ml bottle, Available in Natural Flavour


Big Chief Hemp 1000 mg 10% CBD Oil Tincture 10ml

Truly Natures Gift

  • Great-tasting natural flavour CBD Oil Tincture; in a small glass bottle with a pipet
  • Rich Broad Spectrum CBD Oils
  • Plant extract contains CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBD-A
  • Grown in controlled conditions
  • CO2 premium extraction
  • Lab Tested and Guaranteed

CBD Oil is 100% legal to consume and is Safe for you and the whole family

*It is recommended you not exceed 200mg in 24 hours. Store your products in a cool, dry place


How to take 

Big Chief CBD Oil is designed to be taken daily as part of a supplement regime; Consistency is the Key

  • Gently squeeze your pipet to take – 2 or 3 drops under your tongue.
  • Its recommended; hold the CBD infused liquid for 3 seconds per drop before swallowing.
  • Take these two or three times a day.

Three dosages a day will last approximately 30 days, based on one to two drops – three times a day under your tongue

New users of CBD

  • CBD works much like a vitamin pill, in that, as a food supplement, you are aiding your body to replace lost vitamins and boost your immune system.
  • Start at a very low dosage 10mg and increase a few days slowly apart. As there is no head effect, how will you know how much is enough?
  • People use CBD for a host of reasons, and everyone has different absorption rates. It’s up to you to establish what your levels are.
  • For a sense of well-being; its recommended to use just 10ml – 20ml a day or you may need a tad more
  • Always building up your levels at a gentle pace.
  • There is a point at which you will achieve your wellness. Say the day you increase and don’t feel any more benefit than the previous dosage. You found your level.
  • Your levels may change over time, depending on how you are feeling. You will get to establish those areas yourself.
  • Do not exceed more than 200mg per day.


Our 1000mg CBD Oil tincture is available in Natural flavour, flavonoids have been removed from the Broad Spectrum extract. Guaranteed no THC. Removed the earthy tones to give you a pleasant taste experience


CBD Oil works with your Endocannabinoid System.

As with a vitamin supplement, CBD is similar in supporting your body’s wellness in achieving homeostasis.

Natures Gift, posses’ qualities as a natural Food supplement.

CBD has so much to offer Increasing your therapeutic potential. A natural way to support a Healthy Lifestyle, achieving your bodies homeostasis


10% CBD Oil in MCT Carrier oil (Fractionated coconut oil)

Big Chief Hemp CBD Oil is safe for Vegans and Vegetarians

Our products are not tested on Animals


You can safely buy your CBD Oil from Big Chief Hemp, Without the need for a prescription as it is a Food Supplement.

Lab Reports

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