CBD HEALTH® IMMUNE SUPPORT 200mg Oral Suspension



Helps Support a Healthy Immune System

Made by the market leaders CBD HEALTH® IMMUNE SUPPORT

This product is Approved and Certified by the European Food Safety Authority.

Oral Suspension Cannabis Supplement


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CBD Oral Suspension gels arrive in a traditional medicine bottle 200mg CBD Oil.

Enriched with Vitamin C, this is the first CBD product on the UK market that supports your immune system, certified & permitted by the European Food Safety Authority.

A newly developed water-soluble CBD

Infused with real fruit juice and imbued with vitamins

Lab Tested and Guaranteed

Promoting Healthy Immune system.

The Health Range products are premiers to the market and can boast as clinically proven.

CBD Oil is legal to consume and is Safe for you and the whole family

Do not exceed 200mg in 24 hours. Store in a dry, cool place


How to take 

This product comes with an oral applicator ensuring precise dosage each time.

In these bottles 1ml to 1mg

It is recommended you do not exceed 2000mg per day.


CBD HEALTH® liposomal technology provides excellent absorption, created with a traditional delivery method.

We know oil and water don’t mix. We also know the human body is made up of around 90% water

This new creation ‘liposomal encapsulation’ provides a higher delivery rate of CBD into the bloodstream. As the ‘liposomal method’ utilise CBD more effectively.

Therefore, less CBD is required in comparison to the traditional delivery method.

A Natural Food Supplement


Natural lemon flavour


200mg CBD Oil, real fruit juice and imbued with vitamins

You can safely buy your CBD Oil from Big Chief Hemp, Without the need for a prescription as a Food Supplement

Lab Reports

Strict CBD guidelines govern us, and we adhere to UK regulations to ensure transparency and accuracy of our CBD Oil Range.

Lab report available upon request