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Medical Cannabis Awareness Week

Medical Cannabis Awareness week

Today we join the nation in marking the start of Medical Cannabis Awareness Week. 馃崈 1-8 Nov 2023

Recognizing the progress we’ve made and advocating for improved access and quality.

Let’s reflect and push forward!

The History

The history of Medical Cannabis Awareness Week (MCAW) finds its roots in the broader, often challenging journey of medical cannabis acceptance in the UK. Initiated by PLEA (Patient-Led Engagement for Access) in 2020, MCAW is more than just a week-long observance;

聽it’s a testament to the patient community’s resilience and a clarion call for change.

November 2018

In November 2018, a significant milestone was reached when the UK government allowed specialist doctors to legally prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use. This decision came after many fervent appeals from patients and their families, especially those dealing with conditions like epilepsy, where some found cannabis-based medicines immensely helpful.

However, the real-world impact of this legal change was dampened by numerous challenges. Accessing prescribed medical cannabis remained a herculean task for many due to stringent prescribing guidelines.

There was also palpable hesitation and, in some quarters, resistance among the medical community.

Despite the change in law, the wider medical establishment was slow in incorporating cannabis-based treatments into mainstream medicine.

This sluggishness was attributed to factors like lack of comprehensive clinical trials, concerns about long-term effects, and sometimes, lingering stigmas associated with cannabis use.

It began with PLEA

#MCAW became an avenue to spotlight these challenges. By sharing patient stories and scientific insights, the week seeks to debunk myths, raise awareness about the therapeutic potential of cannabis, and emphasize the urgent need to mainstream its medical use.

The overarching message is clear: while strides have been made since the legalisation of prescription cannabis, there’s much ground yet to cover.

The Conclusion

The slow progress in making medical cannabis a mainstream treatment option underscores the importance of initiatives like MCAW. Patients and advocates, through such campaigns like Project 21 and Seed Our Future, continue their fight for better regulations, improved quality, and easier access to this potentially life-altering medicine

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