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What is CBD?

Hemp seeds on a wood background

What is CBD?

Hemp seeds on a wood background

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring substance from a Hemp plant

Within this fascinating plant, The significant elements of the plant are named Trichomes; tiny sticky glands. These glands hold all the active medical ingredients called Phytocannabinoids, Cannabinoids for short. 

EndoCannabinoids are naturally occurring in your body,

PhytoCannaindoids from plants are natures Supplement for  EndoCannabionoids

Just as Vitamin tablets are to Fruit and Vegetables, as a supplement.

There are over 115 known Cannabinoids in the Hemp plant

The most discussed Cannabinoids are THC & CBD

These two are the current hot topics.  Of the whole bunch the most exciting Cannabinoids are listed below:

CBDP – Cannabidiphorol
CBG – Cannabigerol
CBC – Cannabichromenic
CBDA – Cannabidiolic acid
CBDB – Cannabidiphorol
CBD – Cannabidiol
CBN – Cannabinol
CBGA – Cannabigerolic

CBD Cannot get you 'High'

The extraction process concentrates the Hemp flowers into the Cannabinoids, but various methods can be used in the cultivation process to extract the CBD. The oldest form of CBD extraction is the use of ethanol (simple alcohol). Using high proof alcohol, the CBD is drawn out of the plant with minimal damage, by suspending them in a liquid that eliminates damage from oxidisation.
A natural herb to boost healthy living

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Hemp is Mother Natures gift and possesses’ qualities as a natural food supplement. CBD oil has so much to offer, increasing your therapeutic potential. A natural way to support healthy living. This gentle product is non-psychoactive. What is the difference between Cannabis & Hemp? Read More.

Cultivation of hemp has minimal impact on the environment

Hemp cleans soil. It restores topsoil and extracts soil contaminants.

It also performs Carbon Sequestration. It cleans our air.

When hemp removes CO2, this range between 10-15 tonnes of atmospheric carbon per hectare, this occurs in three months, making it much more effective than trees.

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