What is CBD – Everything you need to know about CBD


CBD Extraction Process

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring substance from a Hemp plant. Within this
fascinating plant, there are just over a hundred compounds, of which CBD is one. CBD is extracted from the plant.



Endocannabiniod system

Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

It was discovered in 1963 mammals have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Throughout our
nervous system, We have Cannabinoid receptors. Including our brain, Cannabinoid receptors
are the most abundant receptors!

It was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam an Organic Chemist and Professor of Medicinal
Chemistry, a professor of the University of Jerusalem.

Further Studies by Dr Mechoulam and US researchers have realised an entire ECS system
that works in harmony with the Hemp plant, truly natures gift.

Studies are ongoing, and there is still much to learn
The Endocannabinoid system works as the body regulator.

If you are out of sorts, unwell or in pain, CBD works with your ECS system.

CBD flicks on the neuro-receptors in your nervous system, including your brain and assists
your immune system, like turning on light switches.

The ECS system sends out regulating signals throughout your body, re-balancing our
Homeostasis – Illness can thrive if the body fails to produce sufficient endocannabinoids. Taking CBD plant
extract can aid your body and mind to stay healthy.


250mg CBD Oil from Big Chief Hemp

How to take CBD

The key to CBD is consistency. CBD best taken every day, add it to your daily routine,
maintaining your levels

Depending on your desired product, begin by using a few sprays under the tongue if using the

Two or three drops under the tongue three times a day if using a tincture.
One capsule two or three times a day and build up until you find your appropriate levels, not
exceeding the maximum daily dosage

The maximum daily dosage is 200mg as a Food Supplement

How much CBD do I take, Tips for Buying CBD Oil

CBD works much like a vitamin pill, in that, as a food supplement, you are aiding your body
to replace lost vitamins and boost your immune system. CBD is similar in supporting your
Endocannabinoid system and stimulating those receptors to send out positive messages to the
rest of your body.

Start at a very low dosage 10mg and increase a few days slowly apart. As there is no head
effect, how will you know how much is enough?

People use CBD for a host of reasons, and everyone has different absorption rates. It’s up to
you to establish what your levels are.

Ask yourself the reason you want to take CBD? For a sense of well-being; its recommended to
use just 10ml – 20ml a day or you may need a tad more.

We would suggest you begin with a 250mg or 500mg in a 10ml bottle, twice daily, increasing
to three times daily.

If you are suffering from or recovering from an illness or chronic pains, it’s suggested you
use more. Again, always building up your levels at a gentle pace.

It has been suggested for illness Full Spectrum is recommended over Isolates.
There is a point at which you will plateau.

Say the day you increase and don’t feel any more
benefit than the previous dosage. You found your level.

Your levels may change over time, depending on how you are feeling. You will get to
establish those areas yourself.

To find my levels, I kept a diary and looking back could see the improvements over the
weeks, until I arrived at my level.

There does not appear to be any apparent side effects of CBD. Unlike my pain killers giving
me a hangover (or alcohol), I don’t get any kickback. It appears you cannot overdose on CBD
as it has no adverse effects on your heart or respiratory system.

**Do not exceed more than 200mg per day as per MHRA & FSA guidelines**

There are many flavours you can try, mainly fruit flavours, variations on menthol or
chocolate flavours. As the market is growing, so is the choice. These are new and exciting


Medical Cannabis


The significant elements of the Hemp Plant named Trichomes; tiny sticky glands; these
glands hold all the active medical ingredients called PhytoCannabinoids. Cannabinoids, for
short. THC and CBD are Cannabinoids.

CBD is just one of the many magical elements of the Cannabis Plant. As there are so many
Cannabinoids, one had to be chosen to represent the group.

CBD won as the front runner as it’s believed to contain the most benefits. Below is a shortlist of some of the other
Cannabinoids who work their magic alongside CBD & THC:

· CBGA – Cannabigerolic Acid – considered to be an Antibiotic
· CBG – Cannabigerol – considered Antibiotic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic
· CBC – Cannabichromenic acid – considered Antibiotic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory,
· CBDA – Cannabidiolic – considered an Antibiotic
· CBD – Cannabidiol – considered Antibiotic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic
· CBDV – Cannabidivarin – is effective in treatment for Epilepsy and Autism

THC using is full name Tetrahydrocannabinol, also has more than one variety just like CBD.

THC is believed to have enormous benefits. In medical-grade medicines, for instance for
Epilepsy treatments, THC is required in addition to the CBD Cannabinoids, to support
illnesses long term.

Big Chief Hemp products contain less than 0.2% THC, a value considered untraceable and
THC Free.

Can CBD get you high

Can CBD get you High?

In a word – NO!
The element of the Cannabis plant that can get you high is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and
not CBD.

CBD is not psychoactive. UK regulations ensure all CBD products sold contain no more than
0.2% THC, a value that is considered untraceable.





Psychoactive vs non- Psychoactive

Psychoactive vs Non-Psychoactive

Psychoactive is a medical term for something that affects your mind/psyche, mind-altering, in this
case, ‘Being High’ your mental state is affected with a buzz, a high.

Non-psychoactive is the term for precisely the opposite, not mind-altering – does not get you
‘high.’ affecting your psyche

THC, on the other hand, is Psychoactive, one of the mind-altering Cannabinoids. The psychoactive
element of the Cannabis/Marijuana plant.

CBD is the Cannabinoid being non-psychoactive



Well being wellbeing well-being

Well-being & Health

We are not permitted by UK Law to Make any medical claims whatsoever. Due to the
fact studies are not yet complete in the UK.

There have been many years of research and studies ongoing by Universities and institutions
in Spain, Canada, Netherlands and Israel.

These studies suggest CBD Oil and THC has beneficial uses for the alignments below:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Immune system
  • Healthy heart
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Skin complaints
  • Depression
  • Anti Inflammatory

Big Chief Hemp provides a Health range that is clinically proven to aid your Heart Health,
Immune System and Skin Products that are proven to see our Health Range

Quality CBD
How do you know what you are buying and who you are buying from, how do you keep safe
purchasing CBD?

There are many brands sold that do not contain the CBD as described or the products include
THC, but this is not on the label, it’s hard to know.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to use a company who is an ethical business, one
willing to provide you with 3rd Party laboratory results. The lab results will confirm how
much CBD you have in the bottle. Some comprehensive reports will also provide content
information for the other Cannabinoids present.

I often find the price is indicative like a good wine. I’ve known a friend buying three bottles
of 10% CBD for £30, it transpired they contained zero CBD, it was Hemp Oil with an MCT
carrier, it did seem too good a deal.

Look carefully at the product labels and ensure they mention CBD content
It’s good to know which MCT carrier is used, on an environmental, ethical level, I’d steer
clear of products using Palm Oil as the carrier.

Currently, Few regulations for CBD Oil industry yet exist. We are instructed to ensure the
CBD Oil used is THC free adhering to UK standards, and a recommended daily dosage but
this is the only stipulations so far.

As a business, I hope we can get some correct categorisation and regulations in place soon to
ensure the safety of CBD consumers.


Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD Legal in the UK

Thankfully Yes, CBD is legal in the UK and Europe, CBD is classified as a food supplement.
It is also legal in Europe.

Can you travel abroad with CBD?

Technically yes, you can travel around Europe with CBD; however, I would NOT
recommend travelling with CBD.

Border controls are not yet equipped with full knowledge on the subject of CBD. As this
product derives from a Cannabis family plant, it is still a grey area within Airports and
Border controls.

AS such currently it’s not recommended to travel abroad with CBD unless you have written permission from the current government of the country you intend to travel to.

Countries like the US it is legal, but only in individual States and often only with a
prescription. We would not recommend taking your CBD your CBD unless you have a

It is early days for this product, and the knowledge has not yet reached everyone.
Terpenes; an element of Hemp which provides the smell and taste of the plant,
called Metabolites or Phytochemicals, they are a group of Hydrocarbons.

Terpenes are the little gems that provide the Cannabis smells and tastes; each variety plant
has different terpenes, producing the distinctive aromas, fruity or earthy tones.

Just as the aroma in food adds to the taste, Terpenes aroma add to the benefits of taking Cbd.
The gift that keeps on giving. Terpenes enhance the benefits of CBD, with their own array of
elements, it could transpire these elements carry similar benefits to CBD.

Sadly, some Terpenes are unavoidably lost during the process of extraction. Due to the drying
process of the buds for the C02 removal, some of the Terpenes do not survive.

Terpenes are delicate, many of them are removed, before the cleaning process of the CBD
extraction and added back to CBD oils once they have been cleaned and cooled.

You can buy Terpene Oil, giving you the smell and tastes of the plant without the CBD or
THC’s. To use in cooking or smoke, create your Vape Oils or Vape Juices.


CBD Isolates vs Full spectrum broad spectrum

Full Spectrum vs Isolates

Full Spectrum Oil or Broad Spectrum Oil – The whole plant extraction is used in the
extraction process, giving you the full benefits of the Hemp Plant.

CBD Isolates is a process whereby CBD is isolated from the plant in a concentrated form,
during a tricky extraction process, using Co2 or a Centrifugal machine.

It’s the purest form of CBD; the extraction process removes all other elements of the bud,
removing the other Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Lipids.
 This crystallised Isolate, a concentrate of CBD, Can be 99% pure is ground into a
 The Isolate can be applied to an MCT Carrier Oil. Alternatively, it can be added to
water or other liquids or foodstuffs.


Mgs milligrams vs percentages

Milligram vs Percentages

On the market is a variety of percentage or grams of CBD, in a variety of bottle sizes. It can
be a tad confusing initially.

1ml is equal to 1mg

When I was starting, I only purchased 10ml bottles of CBD to keep it simple.
In a 10ml percentage and grams, equate to the same thing. For example, if you buy 8% CBD,
this is the same as 8g of CBD.

I found it most confusing in percentages; Big Chief has used milligrams to be clear of how
much you are buying.


MCT Carrier Oil

MCT Carrier

Once you purchase your Oil, how does it arrive, and what is in it?
The CBD is added to an MCT carrier oil. For example, if you have 10% CBD in a 10ml
bottle 90% of the remaining liquid is referred to as the Carrier Oil.
MCT means Medium-Chain Triglycerides.

These are edible oils extracted from seeds, such as Coconuts or the controversial Palm oil
(deforestation) as a carrier oil in items such as massage oils or essential oils.

Used for a variety of reasons, the fat molecules of these oils are smaller, enabling better
absorption in your body, making it an excellent carrier.

Coconut oil is ideal as it has no strong taste and has a natural anti-fungal property.


CBD Extraction Process

CBD Extraction Process

Screw press; I’ve seen a company in Canada use an enormous screw to press the buds. The
plant is dropped in the top of a vast funnel and drop through to a big screw that turns and
pushes the buds so tightly, and lovely golden-green liquid comes out the other side.

The beautiful golden-green juice, the full plant with the CBD’s and THC’s and the Terpenes.
The widespread CBD extraction at present is the Co2 extraction process. Bear in mind; this is
a much-simplified version of how this process occurs.

In a lab, imagine something like your hand press coffee machine at home. The hemp buds are
popped into the pressure machine, and an Advanced Liquid Co2 is added.

Then pressure is applied from the top of the device, plunged, pushing Co2 liquid through the buds
The liquid breaks down the buds and pressure driving through green goodness, collecting at
the bottom in a bottle. Ethanol is added to the bottle, shaken not stirred and the green gloop
becomes a liquid, this is to enable precise extraction and separation.

The terpenes are separated from the mixture at this stage. Terpenes are separated as they
would not survive the clean-up process that’s about to happen.

The remaining liquid goodness is frozen to further separate elements. Each plant variety
produces different levels of CBD, Terpenes and lipids (fatty acids).
All separated, it’s now cleaned, and any impurities removed. The next step is a further
distillation clean to ensure all ethanol is removed, ensuring purity.

The extracted terpenes are now added back to the Oil in their batches. The oils then tested for
purity and cannabinoid levels.

Many ways to take CBD

There are many ways to Take CBD Oil

  • CBD Oil Tincture/Tongue drops; in a small glass bottle with a pipet. Gently squeeze
    your pipet to take under your tongue
  • CBD Capsules; Each soft gel capsule comes in a pre-measured amount. The capsules
    can be purchased in a variety of strengths.
  • CBD Oral spray; An upright atomiser, pump 2 or 3 times in your mouth
  • CBD Gummies; These are fruit gummies just like a gummy bear, for Chewing, CBD
    in a sweet. Each packet has a measured mg value of CBD
  • CBD Syringe; The syringes come with pure CBD extract for oral use; each measured
    syringe provides ten applications of CBD.
  • CBD Oral Suspension gels arrive in a traditional medicine bottle. A newly developed
    water-soluble CBD. Infused with real fruit juice and imbued with vitamins.
  • CBD Tea bags; CBD infused tea bags, not any ordinary tea bags simply health-
    boosting tea bags, in the same range as the oral suspension, available in Healthy Heart
    or Healthy Immune variety
  • CBD Cream; Cosmetic CBD infused Rescue cream, clinically proven to Calm, Repair
    and best of all Restore skin!
  • CBD Chocolate – Yay CBD Infused chocolate has become the latest popular addition
    to the CBD market. It comes in all shapes sizes, flavours and CBD contents. You can
    buy regular or organic chocolates. Vegan approved or Kosha. Raspberry or Hazelnut
    are my favourites yumI
  • CBD Water – There is some serious science that surrounds infusing Water with CBD.
    Nanotechnologies are used to infuse the water. Drinking CBD in this way allows the
    particles to travel through the body faster. These are now in shops UK wide
  • CBD E-Liquid – CBD oil E-liquid is manufactured just for your Vaper. Also called
    Vape Juice or Vaping Oils. Your E-Liquids can now arrive infused with CBD Oil,
    Available in many flavours and strengths
  • CBD Wine – You can now buy your Cabernet Sauvignon, or your Chardonnay
    blended with CBD Oils. Red or White, you can buy it!
  • CBD for Pets – It’s not just Mammals that have an Endocannabinoid system, Reptiles
    fish and birds also have receptors working with their ECS system. You can provide a
    Holistic alternative to treating your Pets with CBD and focusing on Cats, Dogs and
    Horses. There’s not a tremendous amount of research about this subject, but as they
    also have an ECS system, the train of thought is the same as human benefits to our
    anxiety and arthritis.
  • CBD Oil Flavours – Flavours for CBD are growing by the day. CBD can taste a tad
    unpleasant to people and pets. Adding flavours makes it exciting and palatable. We
    see mainly fruit and menthol flavours in various varieties. I’ve also seen chocolate
    flavours CBD Oil tincture.
  • CBD Soap – CBD infused soap is the latest addition to this new market. The benefits
    are said to be assisting acne complaints and eczema, moisturising and soothing the
    skin. Said to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • CBD Bath Bombs – Love a Bath bomb, it’s a great idea add CBD. Works just like
    Epsom Salts in relaxing and giving you that Spa Treatment in your bathroom
  • CBD Paste – There are two kinds of Paste. The first is a CBD extract mixed with an
    MCT carrier oil and often come in a syringe. Squeezing under the tongue sublingually
    or used Topically by rubbing directly onto the skin.
    The second type of Paste is a whole plant flower used and crushed, like you would in
    a pestle and mortar, with a tad of MCT oil added, this is to be eaten orally only. You
    generally start by eating a pea-sized amount a couple of times daily.
  • CBD Balm – CBD infused balms come in handy sticks or lovely little pots.
    Moisturising and keeping your lips healthy and soft.


The CBD Clinic

Although CBD legalised in the UK since 2018, we are currently faced with GP’s reluctant to
prescribe CBD to patients that require assistance where traditional medicines are failing.
For patients that require Medical Grade Cannabis, this process is currently unlicensed,
therefore can only be prescribed by a specialist or a GP acting under the instructions of a

A new Private Clinic has opened to assist with Private Prescriptions for Medical Cannabis.
The Clinical Director is Professor Mike Barnes, who is the consultant neurologist, assisted in
securing the first medicinal cannabis licence for Alfie Dingley.

Professor Barnes said: “This Clinic will represent a lifeline to the thousands of patients who
have found other treatments ineffective.

The Clinic is offering “potentially life-changing” treatment for arthritis, epilepsy, multiple
sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It may also benefit people with psychiatric conditions
and stroke patients”.

Currently, there are more than 150 people are said to be on the Clinics waiting list.
The Clinic has specialists able to prescribe Cannabinoid treatments privately where the NHS
are unsure.
” Professor David Nutt, of Imperial College London, stated that “ignorance” of the value of
cannabis medicines among doctors was holding back their use.
Medical Cannabis was legalised in the UK last year but is currently Families say it is almost
impossible to access it on the NHS, despite its legalisation.
Cases such as those of Billy Caldwell, 13, and Alfie Dingley, seven, have highlighted the
benefits of cannabis oil to children with epilepsy who suffer multiple seizures and have begun
to enjoy significant reductions in their symptoms


About Big Chief Hemp Ltd

We are a family-run team, based out of the UK, Campaigners for the rights of UK Hemp
Farmers and UK Medical Prescriptions


Passionate about Hemp, we pride ourselves in bringing premium oils to your door, with Eco-
Friendly packaging.

We love our planet and are working hard for a positive environment changes
Big Chief Hemp brings Naturally grown Full Spectrum CBD Oils and Hemp products to
market, to help maintain your health and love your planet. Using only the finest CBD Oils,
with no chemical impurities!

Big Chief Hemp uses only recycled packaging. We are on the Campaign to rid unnecessary
plastics from all packaging, join us on our journey of discovery.

EU & US Grown Hemp, using UK processed medical grade full spectrum CBD Oil.
Produced to the highest standards in an FSA approved UK facility. 
Using a plant-based alcohol extraction method that has unrivalled levels of purity. The
extraction contains more natural plant compounds.