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CBD Dosage for Beginners

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How much CBD to take

CBD works much like a vitamin pill

in that, as a food supplement, you are aiding your body to replace lost vitamins and helps your body achieve homeostasis.

CBD is similar as it’s a phytocannabinoid plant extract that supports your naturally occurring Endocannabinoid system and stimulating your receptors to send out positive messages to the rest of your body.

Start at a very low dosage

We would suggest you begin with a 250mg or 500mg in a 10ml bottle. 

One drop twice a day for three days. 

Then increase to three times a day.

After three days increase to two drops each three times daily..

As there is no head effect, how will you know how much is enough?

Folks use CBD for a host of reasons, and everyone has different absorption rates. It’s up to you to establish what your levels are.

In the CBD Oil Oral Drops PIPET

each drop is roughly  0.05ml

 Not a full pipet but a SINGLE DROP

Graph showing Dosage on weight and needs

A 10ml bottle of CBD Oil has 200 DROPS

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In a 500mg CBD Oral Oil 10ml Bottle

Each drop contains 2.5mg of CBD if you want to take 20mg you would take 8 drops per day

Ask yourself the reason you want to take CBD?

For a sense of wellbeing; its recommended to use just 0.5mg – 1.5mg a day or you may want a tad more.

If you are recovering from an illness, it’s suggested you use more.

Again, always building up your levels at a gentle pace.

There is a point at which you will plateau, and find your ideal dosage.

You found your level

The day you increase and don’t feel any more benefit than the previous dosage. You found your level.

Your levels may change over time, depending on how you are feeling.

You will get to establish those areas yourself.

To find my levels, I kept a diary and looking back could see the improvements over the weeks, until I arrived at my level.

It is more apparent to me now, I am aware when I’ve forgotten to take it.

Please Note Medical Advice:

Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD in a 24 hour period, unless otherwise directed by your Medical Professional

Please Note:

Research has indicated, CBD may inhibit the CYP450 liver enzyme, responsible for the metabolism of several medications.

This can potentially have an adverse effect when taken with:

Anti-cancer medications ( for example, epipodophyllotoxin derivatives such as etoposide and teniposide).

Certain blood-thinners (warfarin/coumadin)

Certain anti-seizure medicines ( for example clobazam, and or norclobazam).


Consumers should always seek approved medical guidance if taking other medications or during pregnancy, before consuming CBD Oil  as per MHRA & FSA guidelines**