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Can CBD get me high?

Man up high in the sky dangling his legs

Can CBD get me High?

Man up high in the sky dangling his legs

Extremely different strains

Hemp and marijuana are two extremely different strains of Cannabis. Both of the cannabis Sativa plants have been grown for many thousands of years. Both bred for entirely different purposes. you ‘high.’

They both contain over a hundred Cannabinoids, including CBD (Cannabidiol), and they both contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).
The big difference is percentages. Marijuana contains much more THC than hemp.

For a plant to be named a variety of the hemp, it must contain less than 0.3% THC, a value considered, a trace element.
THC is the element that makes people high; it is Psychoactive.

Psychoactive is a medical term.

 For something that affects your mind, mind-altering, in this case, ‘Being High’ your mental state is affected with a buzz, a high.
Non-psychoactive is the term for precisely the opposite, not mind-altering – does not get you ‘high.’.p plant and not psychoactive.  EU regulations ensure all CBD products sold contain no more than 0.3% THC, a value that is considered untraceable.

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CBD Cannot give you a 'High'.

The sale of CBD Oil on the high street should be made from the hemp plant and contain less than 0.3% THC. Your CBD provider will have an independent laboratory report to confirm the levels of THC in their products.
EU regulations state CBD products sold should contain no more than 0.3% THC
At Big Chief Hemp, our customer’s satisfaction and safety are paramount. We are provided with Lab reports at the point we procure our oils, to ensure we are confident of what we bring to market, we request our own Independent Lab reports from Adact Medical.

Aeons to discover everything

It could take us aeons to discover everything about Cannabis; we will be studying this plant for many years to come. It would appear each day we are learning something new and exciting, and the list is growing exponentially.

Many are asking the question, does CBD get you high? And while the answer is no. It is worth remembering some prescription medications are psychoactive.

Lets not dismiss THC

THC is indeed capable of being mood-changing, mind-altering and impair your judgement. We ought to recognise this is also the case with some prescription medications, with the same capabilities of being mind-altering, mood-altering and impairing your judgment; antidepressants, antihistamines, pain medications, but to name a few. Hence the popular guidance term on your pills, ‘Do not operate machinery while taking this medication’.

If we consider pharmaceutical medicines can have a variety of different effects on different people.
Let us use Benadryl as an example, Benadryl makes some people feel drowsy; however, in others has the effect of making others feel alert and wide-awake.

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. It is not unusual for a particular medicine to cause a symptom in one person and to help alleviate it in another.

THC is believed to have enormous benefits.
In medical-grade medicines, THC is required in addition to the CBD Cannabinoids, to support certain illnesses.

Fun insight- There is some serious discussion that CBD regulates the effects of THC, but as with everything cannabis at this time it’s early days, studies are ongoing.

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Lab Reports show Big Chief Oral drops clear of THC

European and UK Guidelines stipulates: If more than 1mg of THC is present in a whole bottle of CBD; it is deemed illegal.
Big Chief Hemp uses a CBD Distillate 99% pure, added to a refined MCT carrier oil to ensure Zero THC is present in our CBD Oils.

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Knowing legally CBD Oils must not contain more than 0.3% THC.  You can take comfort with Big Chief Oral drops CBD Oils, THC present is 0.0005% a value deemed untraceable.  Each Oil has an Independent Laboratory report. 

Check out our Laboratory page and see who is testing our oils.

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