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On the Campaign

On the Campaign

Founder Mandy Tusz on Hemp Campaign London in her wheelchair

Big Chief Campaign for a Better Future!

So what is Big Chief Hemp doing?

We’ve been busy; we’ve been wheeling up and down the country talking to different groups and sitting outside of New Scotland Yard and
The Home Office, at a ‘Campaign Rally’; for the rights of the Grand Hemp Plant.

Michael Gove behind ivy background

Our founder, Mandy Tusz had a meeting with Michael Gove;
to discuss the British Hemp Alliance’ Hemp Manifesto’, and all things Hemp.
Michael Gove is a British politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office. Michael has been the Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath of which, Mandy is a constituent. Big Chief Hemp resides in the same constituency, and so our questions were two-fold. Personal and Business.

Logo Project Twenty21 Drug Science

Mandy is a participant in Project Twenty21, Cannabis study, run by Professor David Nutt. Project Twenty21 is the most extensive study in Europe to gain the research required to prove the efficacy of Medical Cannabis. The study aims to give confidence to policymakers and GP’s alike.

Mandy has also had the pleasure of contributing, in a small way, to the Open Letter by Seed Our Future ‘No Evidence, No Crime’.

The Document is an open demand to the Government and Police Agencies to decriminalise Cannabis in all; it’s forms.
The paper challenges the very Laws that see Cannabis included in the Schedule one Misuse of Drugs Act.

Decorative banner made of Hemp Leaf

Where did this all begin...

Mandy’s journey creating the company began in early 2018. While looking for an alternative to pain relief stumbled across Cannabis paste. At the time, the paste was not strictly legal in the UK.

Mandy is physically disabled with a fracture in her lower spine. Chronic pain is part of her life, and Cannabis has been an enormous relief to her. She could not accept the reasons for the laws and took a delve deeper into the issues surrounding Cannabis and the laws that govern it.

The journey began with becoming a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, attending their 2nd ever Conference, in Solihull. Guy Cox was a founder member.

Mandy and her team watched Guy Coxall deliver a speech on the reasons compliance within the new CBD industry was so vital; for the success of the sector. Later, the group attended a talk by Guy discussing his organisation Hemp Tank.

Inspired by Guy’s onstage talks and armed with the new information about his mission, Mandy went home to see what she could do.

Mandy tells me “Guy wants to change the current legislation surrounding the Cannabis plant and educated me in the reasons Cannabis was illegal; it blew me away!”.

Mandy began researching and writing articles for her website but was contacted by her local Trading Standards Office and asked to moderate the wording and remove any mention of Medical Benefits.

Her articles continually being stripped of valuable information and slimmed down to a nonsensical blurb with mere suggestions of ‘wellness’.

Big Chief Hemp Founder Mandy Tusz

Mandy found this frustrating; Many studies have already been completed, we are behind in the UK. It seems arrogant of our various Councils not to accept reviews and studies from other well-learned Countries.

Besides, Cannabis as a medicine does not fit within the current medical arena; as such, it ought not to be measured in the same way.

We need to create new categories and move with our new-found knowledge of the plant.

Decorative banner made of Hemp Leaf

The ultimate question here is ‘Why is Cannabis illegal?”

Cannabis has been used by human beings, livestock and in textiles for thousands of years. It is only in the last 70 years it’s become the villain in a sordid play.

Up until 1973, Full Cannabis tinctures were available in UK pharmacies.

Decorative banner made of Hemp Leaf

It was another two years before Mandy crossed paths with Guy once more. A group called Seed Our Future was holding a rally. Up and down the Country in various home towns and cities, performing ‘Civil Disobedience’ and planting a Hemp Seed.  The Planting of a Hemp Seed requires a Home Office Licence. The Police were in situ at most of the Venues, but it was a peaceful day all around. 

Mandy attended the London rally, outside New Scotland yard. She reports it was a great day, She rocked up on her Wheels with her partner, and they met lots of likeminded people. She had no idea at the time this event had been organised by Guy Coxall and his team of warriors.

Mandy managed to educate one Police Officer and was very pleased with herself.

Mandy talking to policeman kneeling down at a protest new scotland yard

At the event, Mandy met the British Hemp Alliance and Beyond Green. It was one of those, ‘Meant to Be’ moments. Beyond Green filmed Mandy for a Cannabis documentary. Mandy was idly chatting about contacting her local MP, Michael Gove. The next thing, Mandy had arranged a meeting and Beyond Green came along to offer support. During the meeting, Mandy e-mailed across the British Hemp Alliance; ‘Hemp Manifesto’.

She was supporting the Hemp Industry, in particular Farming.

Meeting Mr Gove

Mandy has set up a CBD company as full cannabis companies are not yet legal and ultimately wants to be a Cannabis Farmer, and grow Full Plant extracts from Cannabis.

The two main questions:

Why is a none psychoactive plant in the Home Office under licence?.

Why do we have to destroy the flower and leaves on-site?

Her conversation with Mr Gove lasted 12 minutes;

“We had a 10-minute slot, and we were well prepared, it went better than expected. Michael was optimistic, he seemed very enthusiastic and seemed to be unaware Hemp is such a fabulous Carbon Sequencher. He says he will discuss with the Home Office; Priti Patel and the Health Minister; Matt Hancock.
He’s going to get back us; I’m feeling good about it, Mr Gove is a very nice man, this is not my first encounter with him.”

After the call, Mandy was feeling encouraged but lonely in this quest and unsure of what she could do next.

Mandy had joined the group Seed Our Future after the rally and wanted to do anything she could to help, in any way possible.

She contacted Guy Coxall to explain what she’d been up to and asked for advice.

They met up, and it was a successful meeting of minds; Mandy told me “He is a Hero in our world. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Guy and his wife Helen they are inspirational.  With purely good intentions, It’s refreshing to meet a ‘hero’ and not be disappointed.”.

Guy was at the end of writing “possibly the biggest paper” of his life, together with fellow ‘lifetime activists’ Trev Coleman and Steven Harrison.
With contributions from Alun Buffry, Phil Monk and
Victoria Lenormand.

Mandy says

“Oh my contribution was small, but it meant the world just be involved! An honour”.

This was a life-times work of three men in particular, and their whole group Seed The Future joined in and supported them.
“watching this group and this campaign has been fab! The Paper they have created is a Real Game Changer”

Seed Our Future aims to challenge the Law surrounding Cannabis. To bring to light how politically motivated the laws are.

They have done it!!

The Document went live on 16th October 2020.
It is an Open Demand to The Government and Police Service:

The people demand immediate reform to bring an end to these crimes against humanity and the environment.

We do not want a move in classification or licencing; we don’t want ‘legalisation’ which supports corporate interests,

We demand that Cannabis is immediately and completely removed from all drug scheduling and licencing

That the people regain their right to cultivate and consume Cannabis for personal use, that the ECS is added to all Biology curricula, 

Especially within medical training and that Medical Practitioners are allowed to prescribe Cannabis based medicinal products, not as a last resort but as they see fit.

Finally, we ask that any cannabis products which are marketed for sale, be regulated as specified in section 5.4 below. Read More..

We would also like to recommend that the Government seriously consider investment in the infrastructure for a thriving ‘green industrial revolution’ in utilising the many industrial uses of Cannabis.

What does it mean?

Our Cannabis Laws appear to be Unenforceable. 

Seed Our Future has requested five pieces of Foundation Evidence to support the Laws against, Possession, Use and Cultivation of Cannabis.

The Freedom of Information request results were no surprise to Guy Coxall; it was confirmation of what he already knew:

The CPS, Police Crime Commissioners and the Police Force are not able to provide the Foundation Evidence that has Cannabis included in Schedule 1 of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK. 

The Conclusion: Cannabis should never have been included on the prohibited list. Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK. 

Cannabis is less harmful than sugar

The Conclusion: Cannabis should never have been included on the prohibited list. 

  • In the Absence of Evidence, The Law cannot be enforced

No Evidence. No crime.

Maxim of Law

Quamvis lex generaliter loquitur restringenda tamen est, ut cessante ratione et ipsa cessat.

 “Though the law speaks generally, it must be limited as, where the reason ceases to apply, the law itself ceases

Arresting a UK citizen for Cannabis would be tantamount to a Crime. The PACE code which governs the Police and the Terrorism Act requires each officer to be aware of the laws for which they enforce. The lack of evidence suggests they are assuming the Law; this goes against their due diligence requirements.

There is proof of  Personal & Environmental Benefits using Cannabis

 Marijuana can not induce a lethal response because of drug-related toxicity. To cause death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana contained one marijuana cigarette. In this scenario, the likelihood is; dying of smoke inhalation first.

There is proof that our Prohibition Law was and remains to today, Politically motivated.

Why is Cannabis illegal? I would recommend the website for more information.

Recommend Joining Seed Our Future on Facebook or their website, if this is of interest to you. It’s a private group, where you may speak freely about the joys of the plant Cannabis.

A personal note from Guy Coxall

With special thanks to the ‘Seed Our Future’ supporters, the entire ‘cannabis community,’ including but not limited to, every cannabis/hemp activist who has tirelessly fought for our rights, freedoms and future for decades, those who have been involved in all cannabis/hemp research, industry and promotion and finally to those in positions of power who push for changes in cannabis legislation.

Decorative banner made of Hemp Leaf
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