Big Chief Hemp

About Us

Who we are

We are a family run team, based out of the UK,  We have a Geo scientist on board for the clever stuff.  

Campaigners for the rights of UK Hemp Farmers. Passionate about Hemp, we pride ourselves in bringing you premium oils to your door, with Eco Friendly packaging

Our Mission

We  love our planet and as a group are working hard for positive environment change

Big Chief Hemp brings Naturally grown Full Spectrum CBD Oils and Hemp products to market, to help maintain your health and love your planet. Using only the finest CBD Oils, with no chemical impurities

We are on the Campaign to rid unnecessary plastics from our packaging, join us on our journey of discovery. 

Big Chief Hemp CBD on a tray

Benefits of Big Chief Hemp CBD

EU & US Grown Hemp, using  UK processed medical grade full spectrum CBD Oil. Produced to the highest standards in an FSA approved UK facility. Using British Cannabis,  Using a plant-based alcohol extraction method that has unrivalled levels of purity. The extraction contains more natural plant compounds and are absolutely free of the often unpleasant taste.

 Big Chief’s CBD has been Vetted and Approved 

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Company number 11550418 Registered in England