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About us

The story Behind Big Chief Hemp

With a personal need

Our founder is a consumer of CBD for daily pain relief for a chronic condition. Tethered to a lifelong disability, she sought a gentle alternative to traditionally prescribed pain relief. We discovered and now enjoy CBD Oil and its many benefits.

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it began with mandy

The aim of creating Big Chief Hemp is to educate her family and friends on the ways of CBD without the baffling science and how it can benefit everyone and the planet.  Whilst bringing CBD to market at a reasonable price.  At the same time, keeping her independence by creating a living.

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our mission

We love our planet and as a group are working hard for positive environmental change.  Join us on our journey of discovery

See My Storey, How Big Chief came to be.

Big Chief Hemp brings naturally grown CBD Oils and Hemp products to market, to help maintain your health and love your planet.

Using only the finest Hemp Oil distillate, guaranteeing zero THC present.  Clean with no chemical impurities.

Founder Mandy

Mandy x


“We’ve Built Our Business In Our Home Town, Now It’s Time To Focus Online”


Chief Blender & Founder


“We know that every reason for buying CBD is personal. We began our journey unable to find what we wanted at a reasonable price or taste. So we crafted our own. I love building this company! We understand our patient’s needs and we are now a large part of their well-being. Their health is our wealth. Our mission is to educate about the ways of Cannabis and all its beautiful benefits.”


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