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All Big Chief Hemp CBD Products our are duly 3rd Party Laboratory tested   

We have been vetted and approved for Good Practice.. 

Our cannabinoids are Rich Full Spectrum Oils, with no detectable levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC.  Grown in controlled conditions and processed in a facility in the United Kingdom,  Using state of the art extraction process, the whole plant is used, with all terpenes naturally found in hemp still present. Each batch of Oils is independently tested, Laboratory results available online. CBD is Truly Natures Gift, to complement a healthy lifestyle & die

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Recycling the Past
The Reality of Hemp

The Future

Most would agree that plastics derived from hydrocarbons must be replaced with more sustainable products and hemp is a proven alternative. Big Chief Hemp is looking at the options, hemp-based solutions to our packaging, especially for drinking fluid containers, and intend to investigate using hemp products as a replacement to plastic straws and other consumable products that are currently made with non-sustainable methodologies.


Hemp is Mother Natures gift and possesses’ qualities as a natural food supplement, CBD oil has so much to offer, increasing your therapeutic potential, a natural way to support healthy living This gentle product is non-psychoactive, and its cultivation has minimal impact on the environment. One of the Worlds oldest known crop is making a come back

Universal Product

This incredible plant can provide us with so much, often as a replacement to environmentally harmful products - industrial products (paper and rope), textiles (bags and clothing), foodstuffs (milk, cold-pressed oil and tea) and herbal remedies (tinctures creams, balms, and other topicals). Also, industrial hemp is used for insulation, biofuels, in car manufacturing and carpet production.

Big Chief Hemp Immune system CBD Health Range

Good for your Heart & Immune System

Big Chief Hemp brings CBD Health Range. Oral Suspension Cannabis Supplement or Infused Tea.  These Excellent products are enriched with vitamins B1 & C to aid a Healthy Heart & Immune System

These products are Approved and Certified by the European Food Safety Authority.

Plastic not so Fantastic

Planet Love. Big Chief is continually striving to be entirely Eco-Friendly. We are always looking for alternatives to plastics, any ideas, we are super keen to hear from you. Despite a lot of resistance from Marketing, we have refused to use cellophane to cover our boxes. Admittedly, the appearance is not as glamorous, but then neither is Plastic Pollution.

Our boxes are recycled, we use popcorn (the edible kind) to protect your goods in transit. We use vegetable inks, where possible. However, for safety, we are still bound to use tamper-proof bottles. We are looking into safe alternatives to move 100% recycled or Bio-degradable packaging, and proudly we operate with a paperless office

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Hemp Milk

Milk has seen a significant transformation and no longer means the dairy variety from our Cows. Hemp Milk is nutty in flavour, the taste sits somewhere between Almond Milk and Soy milk. It has a creamy texture, Offers us a healthy alternative to dairy kinds of milk.

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Why not try making your own Hemp Milk  supporting a healthy heart and mind 

Hemp Milk is an excellent source of protein containing B & D vitamins, fibre, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. It’s naturally high in Omega 3 and Omega 6. enjoy all the 10 amino acids

MCT Carrier Oil
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10ml bottled cbd tincture